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After Months of work, #SifteoResurrected is now live: I've just announced it here: #Sifteo with thanks to all at Sifteo, especially David Merrill and Eric Liao
If you've come here looking for help getting your cubes working, please visit the site.

Looking forward to playing with my #ZenimaxRift tonight!
#falsedesignation #OculusRift #zenimax #rift

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‪"Trump Wave" for #Sifteo asset test complete :-)‬
‪Now the back end logic to make it a game!‬
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‪Done with the DEFCON graphics for "Trump Wave" on #Sifteo
‪Now going for a walk to clear my head!‬

‪Unexpected hour free to finish marking‬
‪Silent movie festival in Bristol‬
‪The Global Game Jam Theme!‬

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Spot the error

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In case you're looking are (or were) selling #PSVR headsets, and had stock when I looked yesterday‬

‪Missing car keys AND bread knife (!) found in our cars!‬
‪Got some more missing files from a Reddit user for #Sifteo resurrection‬

‪A student said he enjoyed my lecture yesterday‬
‪Found obscure lost art for an archiving #sifteo project‬
‪Found a source for #PSVR‬

‪Not a #resolution as such but thought I'd challenge myself (on down days) to naming #3goodthings that have happened by end of play‬.

‪Join me?‬
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