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Docteur Cæli D'Anto (Pou M'ap Jwenn)
Works at The Vodou Store & Uriel's Domain
Lives in Chicago, IL
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The Vodou Store : About Us - Incense Baths, Washes, & Waters Spirit Shrine Boxes Gris-Gris Original Prints Statues (Hand-Sculpted) Libation Bottles & Bouteys Crosses & Rosaries Oils Poppet...
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Vodouisant, Rootworker, Conjurer, and Co-Owner of The Vodou Store & Uriel's Domain
  • The Vodou Store & Uriel's Domain
    Vodouisant, Rootworker & Conjurer, present
Basic Information
Seer of the Veil † Convoyed by the Dead † Keeper of the Hidden Fire
Born in Lima, Peru, to a family with Spanish, French and Scottish heritage, I was raised in a Catholic and spiritual environment, where my mother was part of the 'Hermanos Seguidores de Jesus', a Curanderismo group that I attended frequently. Being able to see and speak with the dead as a young boy, my ability throve as I grew into adulthood; that’s when my hunger for spiritual knowledge became apparent. First studying the Abrahamic religions, I then sought knowledge of ancient beliefs systems such as that of the Druids and the Incas, with minor workings in South American Shamanism, Brujeria, and the Occult, as well as practices such as Witchcraft and Hoodoo. I then moved to the United States in 1989 where my contact with other religions and beliefs were more accessible. Residing in Florida for 13 years and frequent trips to New Orleans, my connection with Haitian Vodou and New Orleans Voodoo was integral in the formation of my practices of today. Now residing in Chicago, Illinois, I have been able to reconnect with the spirits of my ancestors and the spirits of the dead who led me to create a store where I provide some of the most unique items that are from my own personal Book of Conjure as well as services guided by the spirits around me.
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Chicago, IL