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YAY! My team worked on this very hard for the last year. Congrats on the launch!
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 -No more community relevant top comment
-Google decides what’s relevant to me
-G+ integration
-Default view is stupid (should be newest first)
-still havent fixed how vids are displayed (the old one is more relevant)

+’might’ have less spam
+links work
+no character limit
+easier to reply

There are other ways to fix up the comments section without pulling a facebook on us.
Serious question: What are your thoughts about all the people complaining about this update even though you worked so hard for this?
I'm loving it! Now I can comment on videos and share my comments without all the trolling!
+Dobromir Montauk I'm a little disappointed, there are a lot of comments I can't reply to, and I have no idea why. I have multiple accounts for Youtube, I'm not sure why. I'm forced to have a G+ account, which I don't use. It also doesn't seem to follow the trends of any of the other popular forum/social/discussion sites out there like Reddit or Tumblr, so I'm confused even more. I haven't been on Facebook in months, but I don't think you guys copied off of them. I'm just... disappointed this is the next big thing, I guess.
+William Harris It almost felt random, though. And there is no notification on the pages you go to. For example, if you go to a page that says, "comments have been disabled for this video," I clearly understand. They should display something like, "Replies to comments have been disabled for this video." The incongruity here is confusing.
+HorseJumping Fox Sorry to confuse you, The uploader cannot turn off comment replies, instead people who comment can click on the down arrow on the right and hit disable comment replies. That makes this more random :|

Ahh google you screwed up D:
Congratulations on another failure. You people do realize that you have added nothing positive to youtube and google+ is only going to get thousands of blank, unused accounts? People are not going to use google+ because they already have facebook account with all their friends, the groups they've joined and those little games they've spent hours on and many have spent money on.
Google+ will alway play 5th fiddle to every other social network. It has no chance of becoming big or popular. It's too little and too late to the party.
Do you actually use the products you create? I'm sorry to diss your work, but you guys have really failed this time...
a years work on this ...... not that impressive ...... 
Juju Bean
This is like trying to change the constitution of the internet (one of the longest standing video sharing websites on the web). You can add small, minor repairs to fix glitches and upkeep the site, but the users be damned if you demolish the whole structure and implement some fascist excuse for innovation. You really did mess up big this time around.
Tyler B
Way to break the comments. No character limit? No problem, nobody will abuse it for inappropriate ascii art or ENTIRE WIKIPEDIA ARTICLES! Want to share your favorite websites? Anyone can post links now, including potential viruses or adult entertainment websites. 

Wanna reply? No problem, the initial comment just has to fall under specific criteria that we won't tell you! Oh, we should also mention we've gone ahead and removed that old useless "click to show comment" button. Our research shows you guys all LOVE searching through pages of comments just for the context of a single comment. 

Do you receive a bunch of comments daily? These won't go to your inbox, but instead your new google+ feed! All the enjoyment if checking and possibly responding to all those comments with infinitely extra hassle! See those nice +1 notifications as well as who shared or added you to their circle. All without being able to easily go to the comment on the video. 

We know sometimes people post bad things and spam, so know we've made it impossible for you to know if your approval on those flagged comments worked. 

Some of the concepts of the change are good, but you guys just went ahead and released an UNFINISHED product! Comment threads are nice, but we pretty much ALREADY HAD THAT! A few tweaks were all that was necessary.
Are you out of your mind or something? The thing is a disaster. People are leaving Youtube left and right. there is a petition to get it changed back.
You have turned youtube into a place where google decides whose voice is most important. I think you are an idiot, and this is a dagger in the heart of the free internet and new media.
+Vic Gundotra Jr. What? Why are you so angry? Watch out there are some idiot gullible comments out there. 
+Eryk Swan Claim down, are you mad bro? 
If you don't like the new YT comments, just embrace it, or leave. 
Eryk Swan
+Lee Smith

Yeah, but its not only me. Did you see the videos. 

Nerd3 is planing leaving Youtube. 1 million subs. So its serious, not some joke, when he goes he isn't leaving 2 subs, and I am pretty sure many people will use his new site when its finished.

Pewdiepie for example, he turned OFF his comments! Because as he said, the comments are BROKEN. So did more HUGE Youtubers. Look at the dislikes on Youtubes videos showing the new comment system.

The amount of hate the new system gets is amazing.

We all know that at some point, Youtubers will group up and leave. Perhaps go to Dailymotion.
Or make a new site like Nerd3 is doing.

Or they will make a site for the people by the people. 

When the most popular people leave, what do you think the little Youtubers will do? They will follow the big Youtubers foot steps.

Its not only me that is going to go away. Its all the content producers. That will lead to all the viewers leaving. I will finally leave when Nerd3 make his choice.

There will be a almighty push, and its going to come fairly soon.

I don't know about you, but when the push happens, I am joining it. Have fun using with non of your favorite content creators.

+Lee Smith More than two options bud. Embrace it and use the powers to screw up gtube even more, ignore it, leave gtube, allow it to pull a facebook and bend us over, etc.
Gtube will still be the same chaos that it was before, the only difference is that Gtube can track you muuuch more easily because everything is linked to G-. All in the name of 'relevance'.

+Vic Gundotra +Juan Tirado +Shaozhi Ye +Dobromir Montauk +Daz Thornton +Howard Pinsky +Antonio D'souza +Branimir Iossifov +Falk Meyer +Dan Leighton +Terry Leigh Britton
Not hard enough. Users are very very displeased with this.
I'd be ashamed as a developer to be associated with such a disaster of a product, and I worked on Man Vs Wild: The Game.
Why does this change not address spam at all? If anything, it's worse now. People can post unlimited characters and link to malware and porn. This is in no way an improvement.
"Comments you care about move to the top" How do you know which comments i care about god damit ! A big part of the YouTube experience is about surprise and getting lost in the web, the videos web and the comments web. Surprise, randomness, seredipity is what makes YouTube such a good thing in life. Give us back the old system ! Trolls are only the price to pay for liberty ! And they were easily hidden, tx to the 'spam' button. I agree with all the angry YouTubers comments above me : you fucked up. Fix it.
TOTAL FAILURE.Good luck spinning this into something good.It's so obviously a desperate ploy for Facebooks share people are offended.We don't CARE about FB.We care not to be herded and bullied into something that WE DO NOT WANT,regardless of what your bosses say.This is like complaining about Internet Explorer.I'll have to find  the equivalent of FIREFOX for this I guess. Terrible job,total failure,would not be surprised if Google's stock drops if people get pissed enough.Are you all NOT RICH ENOUGH???
+Mattia Borgo Erm what part of his very own words don't you understand where he admits to being part of the team who who worked on this feck up and gleefully boasts about it as if it were some sort of an achievement !!!

QUOTE By Dobromir Montauk "YAY! My team worked on this very hard for the last year." 
I would personally like to thank whoever's idea it was to delete my post. You know, the one about me refusing to connect my 2 Youtube accounts to G+, the one that said that after about 8 years of being a Youtuber, this may be the final push to that get's me to leave.
I can't believe googletube wasted even more money on this crap.

I couldn't care less about the comments but I give a damn about the other changes that you have made to make browsing youtube an inefficient and unpleasant experience.

When are you fixing the videos so I see them in order of time rather than you intentionally filtering out the videos in my subscriptions list because you think I probably 'don't want to watch them' when I do?
Linda U.
You've truly taken a good thing and destroyed it!

YouTube started out as a community of free speech and entertainment and everybody loved it! Now I'm forced to create a G+ account if I want to leave a comment on a video ... what's wrong with this picture???
YAY! Your team completely messed up the YouTube commenting system. Now the comments have gotten Stupider than ever.
I am a poor college student trying to get an engineering degree. The hope is that a company will require my skills for programming. So let me explain to you as one programmer to somebody that shouldn't be a programmer, what a few of my many experiences with the new interface are.

I can tell you the quality of your update is embarrassing! i couldn't make a flow chart more confusing than your system is. I have never had the desire to leave youtube because of a bad update (which is frequent!); i have never seen people publicly state they're leaving youtube because of an update.

You have ruined the very thing you were trying to create. I have not had one deep conversation with anyone since this update happened. i've had a couple one liners but no real conversation.  Before i would have conversation and even though the 1000 character limit made it extreme hard and limiting, i felt what i had to say was meaningful and making my complete thoughts grammatically correct was just the challenge.  Was it hard? use extremely, but i understood the reason behind it.

So congrats and making one of the worst pieces of software i've ever used. Here's a line of code just for you.
Wheel reinvent = new SquareWheel("The wheels on the bus go bump in the night");
how come i can respond to some comments but other ones it wont let me respond to? if i cant respond i dont want to see it. and the whole "in reply to" link doesnt work at all anymore. just opens up a new tab with the same video, and doesn't go to the comment you want to see. if i wanted a terrible commenting system, i would have stuck with disqus
Dobromir hits come from users. More hits, more ad money.
users =  customers
Listen to your customers, give them good service and they give you more hits (business). More business means more $.
Also, where does Dobromir name come from? Sounds Romanian or something. The land of Vlad, beautiful country.
+Mattia Borgo It is his fault. He chose to take the job instead of reporting his boss to the authorities.
+Blo Wme Okay , That bit is impressive , what's next cant login to your console without fingerprints and eye scans
What a waste of a year's work!  The majority of the users HATE what you and your team has done!!  In the real world, you and your team would have been fired by now!!  I wouldn't be surprised if Google stock prices PLUMMETED!!
A waste of work. Bring the old layout back, don't force us to use a wanna-be social networking site. So what if we know more people? Not like I want to know the idiot who posted "Cheese burgers yum" in the comments. It should at the very least be optional. Don't shove your networking site 96% of everyone doesn't use besides for YOUTUBE into our faces.
 Also, people like me most likely won't give their real name. So there was NO purpose.
I find it interesting that all the replies have gone dark on all the employed by google feeds.  If they were nothing but trolls (or poes) then even they can't take the heat.  If they are legit then . . . , well I would say that speaks for itself.
After a week or so of this,it actually got worse.Wow congrats on a SPECTACULAR failure. A new MYSPACE is born! And by that,we are finding a new home to watch videos...they are out there
So, Dobromir Montauk, are you ever going to respond honestly to the complaints or will you too call 90% of your user base "a minority comprised of trolls"?
The best thing about google+ is that now there is an alarm bell at the top right of my email telling me when someone posts here to complain about google+
You pretend to ignore it, but you just don't post a response, you still see the comments. You've ruined a site millions have loved, and you should be sorry.
+Dobromir Montauk Can you tell the developers/managers to sort out the spam filter. It is far too strong and is killing conversation on YouTube. Its a mess.

Please read the Google group forums about this matter. There are lots of threads about it. 
I have to agree with Paul Walker here. Your spam filter and the whole "ghosting" treatment is killing conversations and causing stress and frustration to many innocent users.  I had situation where I replied to comments, someone replied to me, and I couldn't reply back. Video owners as well who aren't happy about many good comments, even those complimentary to them, marked as spam. You Tube isn't like G+, many video owners have over 200 videos, they have no time to review. Your own help forums are full of threads with complains and examples of ghosted comments - none of them spam, and you are just ignoring these threads. There is a test video that proves how many good comments are marked as spam.

I have never posted spam in my life, I am actually a software engineer like you, I don't sell anything, I've been trying to post well thought polite and respectful comments - mostly on classical songs and opera videos. I see between a third and a half of my comments ghosted - short comments answering a question "who is the singer on this video", longer comments about a classical song's history, replies to people who replied to my reply - totally innocent about classical vocal technique for example on an opera singer's video, complimentary comments to a singer, you name it. This is so frustrating. I understand you want to improve a quality of comments, but your algorithm isn't working. It misses real spam - someone tested it on test video, and it has a staggering false positive rate.

I'd much rather see stupid or spam comments - it's easy to ignore them - then have my well thought comments ghosted. Don't you get how frustrating it is to spend time typing a well thought reply only to find out that it wasn't posted.
Here's a heads up to all you Google people. When you guys want to fix something... Make sure it's actually broken! cough sub box cough
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