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Do you think material design spec is not enough and we need site with code samples? #android   #androiddev #material
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Yeah it would save a lot of time but idk it's kinda like spoon feeding also, curbs the DIY thing. Depends on how it's presented I think.

Maybe covering some of the complex topics? Like meaningful motion.
It would be better than what we have now, which is essentially nothing.
Actually, yes. But maybe not just description of some views/layouts and how to add them to project, but also example of how to add text protection scrims to protect toolbar title, animations to show image (according to specs it is not just fade-in animation) and so on. Yes, it could be useful. Right now SO does the thing, but sometimes it is not so easy to find what you want
I hate also the recent trend of providing help and training through movies. Very bad accessibility for people with less than ideal English knowledge, content not indexed in search engines, specific sections cannot be quickly skipped or carefully read depending on comprehension.
Absolutely Yes. We need to have samples of the code
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