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Introducing Google+ Collections, a new way to group your posts by topic

Our happiest Google+ users are those who connect with others around shared interests and passions. So we set out to give people a place to express the things they love. Today, we’re announcing Google+ Collections, a new way to group your posts by topic.

Every collection is a focused set of posts on a particular topic, providing an easy way for you to organize all the things you’re into. Each collection can be shared publicly, privately, or with a custom set of people. Once you create your first collection, your profile will display a new tab where other people can find and follow your collections.

Posts in collections you follow will appear in your Home stream, with a link to easily jump right into the collection so you can get to similar content from that author. Collections give you a great way to find more of the stuff you love from the people you follow.

Collections is available on Android and the web, and iOS is coming later. For Android users, make sure to update your Google+ app to get access to Collections.

For inspiration on interesting topics, check out our Featured Collections page here:

Create your collections today and share what you love.

Edit : Have questions about Collections?  Join this community for Help, Tips & Tricks :
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W00t! Congrats to the team that made this happen. 
I'm SO happy to see this feature. Congrats to EVERYONE that made this happen.
Awesome!  Glad to see it out in the wild. 
waaaaaw thats best,if u cant beat them,join dem
Awesome feature! This is exciting!
I've been after topics on +Google+ since the social network first launched. :-)
when is the +Google+ Photos  team fixing the "Upload to photos to specific albums" on G+ app?  thanks.
Woo hoo, just as I've created yet another! Well done team and all of us testers!
+Dmitry Shapiro This looks very exciting.  I plan on using it (for starters) to collect my best family photos and share it to just my Family circle.  They will always get the best pictures and can always go back and see the collection at any time.  What is also cool is that it gives us something to point to when people say that Google has relegated Google+ to a back burner and is no longer putting resources into improving it!  I am hoping that there will also be some discussion/promotion of G+ at I/O this year!
Thanks +Jason Bayton​ I'm following the news about it. Already building my echo chambers collections :-)
Ah, I took your ragequit over May 4th too literally clearly ;)
Difficult to ignore the notifications about this! Still ignoring the 4th May stuff :-)
Suggestion: Allow Collections for Communities. (Currently, one may only post collections to circles and people within circles.)
I do love a step forward from Pinterest!
Cool feature - I look forward to seeing how I can implement it in the future. When are we going to see an update for the G+ iOS app?
Suggestion #2: Allow collections to include posts and photos by other people. Put a "Collect" button next to the "Share" button under shareable/collectable posts and photos.  (While a user could share an item and then collect it, a "Collect" button would save a step.)
Could you please post a gallery of desktop UI shots showing this in use?
We are now fully rolled out.  Please let us know if you don't have access yet.
Wasn't late after all, saw it 2h go
Congrats !
"iOS is coming later." In other words, never. iOS Google+ is still completely broken on iPad on iOS 8. If they can't fix a basic bug like making the share button work, I sincerely doubt they are going to get around to adding Collections.
Funny...this is a specialized form of resharing, but am I the only one seeing the elephant in the room, that this should also apply to one's own posts, sort of analogous to a "keywords" blank on blog posts?  Maybe those who Circled me don't want to see everything that I have posted, but would only care to follow posts I write that I put in, say, my "open source news" Collection.

Oh....and since we now have more targeted ways we can follow  someone, how about adding an option not to see posts in our Streams of the form "so-and-so +1'ed this"?
Meh.  Clunky.  Why not just give us a way to add tags (hashtags are already somewhat supported), and filtering on tags.  Why complicate the interface?
+Joe Philipps It's not just resharing - you can actually post directly to the collection too. What you are saying is exactly what they want you to do ;) 

And if someone still has that +1 setting on - and you repeatedly don't see value - I'd say try asking them to turn it off - or reduce their visibility in your stream by moving to another circle
+Andrij Harasewych , I didn't see an additional UI element for it, like has been added to the reshare button, so I didn't know it was even possible.

As far as +1s, I didn't think it was on an ID basis.  I thought people either publish their +1s or they don't.  Seems the way to implement anything dealing with my Stream is to have me control it, not someone else.  Someone shouldn't turn off +1s at my request, because it could deprive other people who Circled that person of those +1 notifications.
This is great news! I'm gonna work on my first collection tonight! 
I've really enjoyed setting up my collections! Great new feature :D
Just did one just to plan for tonight mass migration from my bookmarked sites... Would be nice to have a Collections description on top of the Collections header.
I have been waiting for this ever since Communities came out... Now if only +Google+ wouldn't have gotten rid of adding location from the desktop site (?!), this would be perfect...
I don't think this was worth sacrificing /local for.
+Dmitry Shapiro Some nice stuff here but numerous SMH aspects to. I've posted a long comment to Yonatan's re-share of this.
+Jim Jensen i have been suggesting that is a vital feature for organized mobile photographers since 2 years ago though
Oh gosh! This means I don't need an empty circle to save things I find awesome on the webs.
Thanks this would be looking good ...for starting a new business. ..
How do I unfollow all of the collections I never wanted to follow in the first place?  Must I click 100+  times to clean out the collections that I was assigned to follow?
+James Britt You followed a bunch of people, who could have posted about many topics.  The Collections that you autofollow are just those same posts that you would have gotten, but better organized.
+Dmitry Shapiro So...

1. If I'm following a Profile I track all of their Collections no matter what?

2. If I want to follow only selected Collections of a Profile, I've got to unfollow the profile and follow its Collections individually?

3. Is there any way to follow a class of Collections from multiple Profiles? (Yes, I realize that this presumes that there's a standardized naming of Collections. I've suggested that as much would be a Good Thing, particularly, say, Photo , Video , or language-based Collections.

4. Is there a way to assign Collections to a specific Stream? Again, I'm generally not all that wild about clogging my streams with images, but if I had a Photos stream, I could visit that. As it is, I hit Imgur or an image-based subreddit, which is a far better way to manage and curate such content.

Going on five years in, Google still seem to be struggling with the concept of organizing, filtering, curating, and prioritizing content. As with other features, this has some promise, but looks like half-measures partially thought out and with some glaring misfeatures and omissions.
+Dmitry Shapiro  Better organized for whom? If I was going to get those posts anyway, being in a collection means nothing for me.  After all, I've been pulled into ALL of them There's no curation on my part. 

They's still just appearing in my steam (which is fine for me).

If I want to follow just a subset of a person's posts then I'd prefer to pick those subsets myself, not have them picked for me.

In general I prefer new features that you opt-in based on their attraction and value, not those that are pushed on you which  you then have to untangle.

There's a half-baked feeling to this feature.  But then again, that's The Google Way.
I want information on the American modern post 1950

+Edward Morbius  -  As to #1, when a person creates a collection they can choose whether or not their followers are automatically following it or not.  If you're following a person, you automatically follow every collection that they put out there where they checked the box for you to do so.  If they created collections and unchecked the box, then you don't automatically follow those collections.  

As to #2, yes you can unfollow a collection without uncircling the person.  And if they have created a collection you can see but didn't default you to following it, you can choose to follow it.  
+Charles Carrigan Hrm... Not sure that entirely makes sense. I think deciding what channels of a profile you do/don't want to see should be more at the reader's discretion. Default might be set by author, but not overriding reader's prefs.
+Edward Morbius

1) initially, you will be following all collections by all people you already follow. We're it bit the case, we're Google+ to have decided that you don't follow any of your followers collections, that would mean you'd see nothing of the content that the people you follow put into those collections. So Google starts you off where you were previous to collections, i.e., following everything from a person or following nothing.

2) yes.

3) interesting idea. Theoretically you already can using Hashtags. Search a hashtag on your favorite topic. You'll get posts from all sorts of people. Some of these posts will be in various collections. Follow those collections. Better yet, share those collections of others to your profile, and make a collection of collections for easy browsing.

4) number three would kind of be a way to do number four, though not in the way you really mean. 
Congratulations. You integrated Pinterest into G+.
+Jacob Dix, and yet, not much different.

Just about all the features you listed there are Pinterest features. (Beyond some of the more intricate notification systems. Pinterest also has a news feed for both the people you follow and a specific feed for your own boards that lets you know when people pin/like your pins or start following your boards.)

I have a specific board set up for character design that I pin things to. I can also set boards to private. And pin to group boards.

It's just organizing your posts. Or in the case of Pinterest... your pins.
I love it collections. I can easily manage my photos on posts. There are more activities on my page today.
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There will never be a day when I will understand why nothing is ever sortable on +Google+.

Photo Albums? No way.
Circles? Forget about it.
Communities? Nope.
Collections? Don't be silly.

The ONLY sort order you will ever see on G+ is the order of which you create things. If you want your Photo Albums to be sorted alphabetically, you must delete ALL of them and create new ones in the order you want them in. Same with Collections now.
Congrats to all the G+ Lovers. Thanks to +Dmitry Shapiro +Vic Gundotra .
Now here comes Google+ will a BANGGGGG !!!!!!!!!
Finally  a complete platform of all the good stuff, in one single place....GOOGLE+.
Thank you to +Dennis Troper  who has been one of greatest fans and supporters of Collections from the start.  Dennis, I consider you a dear friend, and extremely grateful for your support <3
mari m
Oh!! Great feature!! Congratulations on the beautiful result!! Thank you so much!!
(^ v ^) Have a nice day!!
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This should give Pinterest a run for their money....
+Dmitry Shapiro this is a helpful description. However, if I'm posting into a community I should have the ability to add it to my collection on the same topic at the same time. 
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+Dmitry Shapiro As I've previously suggested to Yonatan: some sort of smarts in G+ informing users that "hey, posting 'Hello...' or 'Hi' or similar junk comments to large comment threads, that's how you get blocked", might be a good thing.

I don't know if the users above are legit or not, but my presumption is that I'll never, ever see anything in the least interesting from them.

Kinda sucks for them if I'm imputing incorrectly, and that seems a low-hanging bit of semantic-Web fruit to pick.
Has anyone know how to move multiple public posts to into collection?
If I share a post to the public and then file it under a collection, would it show twice in my or my followers stream?
+Alex Wren Yup. If your Collection is Public... just share it there from the get go. If not... you have to share it separately.
Is there an option of ignoring a collection? If we're included automagically in everyone's posting of their collections and, let's say, don't want to see that motorcycle photos daily from someone, is there any chance of getting rid of it?
Or do we have to go to every owner of every collection that pops up and ask them?
+Ewa Marczynska-Goldstein I believe that when your stream shows a post that is in a collection, you will see what the collection is. And if you click on the collection name you can then unfollow it.
I really enjoy the work your team +Dmitry Shapiro has done with Collections. (It could be one of the best features) I feel there is a flaw in the implementation of private collections.  If it was a privacy concern you can already reshare any private post with the audience of 1 to a maximum of extended circles. 
If I can't remove a private post from a collection and if old posts can't be moved, only reshared then there is no motivation to put anything in there ever.

Solve this by leaving the visibility of the collection option of public/private.  Allow removing/moving on all posts.
Allow public posts in private collections, allow private posts in public ones.
Shouldn't the post visibility trump the collection's visibility?
+Dmitry Shapiro Would be great if posts within public communities could also be added to collections. I do a lot of my posting inside public communities and not being able to put them in my collections is a little disappointing. Any chance of a rethink on this?
Um. Is it possible to sort older posts (ones already shared) to a new collection? It'd be great if you could make this happen because our high school just ended and I'd posted some memorable stuff for my buds to see and I really want to add them to a special collection. 
I'd really appreciate it if you could help me with this. Thanks.