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If you're interested in trying out programming, try starting with Go. You'll have a great experience.

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I got a chance to watch this short talk on web app testing in Go, and it was quite interesting. It is about 9 months old, but there are still useful insights in there. #golang

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Hey, this is really cool, thanks for sharing! I'm glad to see more people giving Go a try for game dev. I think it has a lot of untapped potential.

I'm curious, which Go packages are you using for your OpenGL bindings and for context creation/input? I recommend and

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I'd like to announce a new tool I've been working on:

It's like, but for viewing the *source code* of any Go package on any branch/commit. It also has a Sublime Text-like symbols view for quick code navigation.

Here's a 2 minute screencast that shows it off.

And you can try it on your favorite Go package at I hope you find it useful when you're doing Go development!

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Helmets are pretty cool.

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I've released Go Package Store today. An app that displays updates for the Go packages in your GOPATH.

I hope it'll help make updating your Go packages an easier and more fun experience!
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