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Official Page of DMD High End Photo Retouching

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How to stop looking at the details and start seeing the picture...

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This is fantastic.

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Ever wondered how much you should be billing as a freelancer?

In this +Retouching Academy article I discuss hourly billing, the pros and cons.

Part two coming soon, where we'll look at flat project fees and the best time to increase your rates.

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Retouching Controversy - How We Need To Move Forward

"Even if you have no interest in the social issue, your business brain needs to be telling you to be on the right side of the trend, and that trend is toward a more natural, more authentic output."

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A short educational video I worked on for Dove and London based video production company Pacific 7 in 2015.

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For anyone interested in a full time career in retouching there are a number of avenues available, so in today's +Retouching Academy blog I've broadly outlined the main business models you could choose to adopt.

What's your ideal combination?

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A new Quick Tip video for Retouching Academy.
A quick video look at Clone Stamp settings; why a soft edged brush could be ruining your work...

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Thinking of ditching the mouse? Read my new article at Retouching Academy

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Ever wanted to see what can be, shouldn't be, and far too often is done in retouching in advertising?

I was recently asked to head down to London to work on the retouch for an educational video for Dove, here's the video;

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