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Special thx to over 1.7 million people for adding me to your circles on Google +. Holy crap, thx thx thx!
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ya know... you deserve... much love from Paraguay
You´re very welcome. :) We´re glad that you take the time to comunicate with us. :)
Your so very welcome! :) Thank you for sharing your passions with us!
Of course...can't think of anyone I'd rather follow!
You're my inspiration to be strong! I want meet you someday , come to Brazil :)  Love You so Much ' ♥
well  I confess , I follow you everywhere :D  -but Twitter is too complicated, Facebook too confusing. Here it's better.  Thank you for all the things you do for us. 
thanks to you DJ, we do that because you're special.
yeeeahhhhh!!!now we need a party!!!!hahahaha we love you DJ!!!!
You so welcome Dj,you so deserve this,hope to see more ,n more,love u so much.:)
You are very welcome! It couldn't happen to a nicer guy!! I look forward to seeing you guys back in the USA soon, I hope...until then, have a great time and show the world why we love you!!!!
youre welcome dj.  you rock.  both fan of gnr and sixx am. thanks for being a great guitarist.
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