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It's perfect.
We got the quilted pillow case in the mail yesterday.  It's perfect.  Love it!  The quality is once again top notch but even better than the outer case... I love the softer feel with our millet hulls.  Thank you for all your help!!!  Our littlest is still sleeping without a pillow but I definitely

So happy!
So I just wanted to tell you that I'm SO HAPPY that we decided to buy the latex for our bed too!! We stole the kids' beds last night (they came yesterday) to test it out and I haven't slept this good in a long time!! I'm super excited to get ours now! LOL. Now I just have to find somewhere to

Our only Source
My husband and I are super impressed with the quality of the products from DIY Natural Bedding and the amazing customer service.  This definitely will be our only source for our pillows and bedding here on out. :) - T. P.

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Infant Car Seat, Stroller, Bassinet

And I thought custom couch cushions were a fun variation from the tickings we make so often and then we got this project. Thanks B for the detail we got to put into cutting the latex and sewing all these pieces with your fabric choices and for your patience as you can imagine the time

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Chair & Couch Cushions

Using our Clearance Pieces left over from other custom cuts, R made this entire living room set.

She says, "Here are the the finished chair cushions. They are so comfortable!

I ended up cutting up the 2" firm into four pieces, and using two pieces for each seat (so 4" total), with a wool

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Mother Earth News builds a DIY Natural Latex Mattress
Thanks Mother Earth News and Mother Earth Living for sharing your build with us! Great to see and hear all your thoughts and comments.

P.S. We use Dunlop process natural latex, the other process does sounds like Tangaley, but really is Talalay. And you all know that our wool batts are from our

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DIY Natural Bedding is a Bedding Store located in Eden Prairie, OR that specializes in Bedding Parts, All Natural Bedding Supplies, Mattresses, Beds, Bedding Supplies, Organic Cotton, Mattress Covers, Pillows, Natural Pillows, and more!

We have all the firmnesses of natural latex available for you to rearrange to find the perfect comfort in our showroom of a living room, as well as samples of all our offerings. It is often helpful to lay on one to determine what firmness and comfort level right for you before you purchase the foam or the pillow fills. We work out of our residence in West Lafayette, IN and also have a showroom in Minneapolis, MN. We welcome you to drop in.

Call us at (763) 445-9676!


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Custom Latex Couch Cushions
6" Firm Natural Latex surrounded by wool batting in an inner case with our twill and an outer case with the customer's fabric.

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Child Mattress Q & A
Q. We have a 4 1/2 month old who is growing out of his co-sleeper and we want to make him a mattress he can use for several years. What do you think is the best route for an affordable baby mattress? What is the most common build?

A. There are many ways to make a mattress. Here are a few ideas

Adjustable Bed Frame and Latex
Can you use a power base (or adjustable bed frame) with the latex? Will it harm the latex?

Yes, you can use a power base with latex. Latex is a very flexible foam, so it will not mind constant bending. However, it is worth noting, that when one is sitting up, one puts a lot more pressure and
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