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Sometimes You Gotta Do It Yourself
Sometimes You Gotta Do It Yourself

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this is another oldie, but goody

Lately I've been pretty intrigued by Roland's SP samplers. Most of them aren't nearly as versatile as the #AkaiMPC series, but they get the job done.

The SPs have very a unique sound and their filters sound awesome.

Some people b** about the size of the pads, I find them perfectly fine. Not to mention if you don't like the feel of the current pads you can always replace them. Everything can be modified via cheap labor or DIY.

#musicproduction #musicproducer #gearporn #drummachine #hiphop

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Another Great Mic Under $100.00
MXL comes through with this one!

Currently being priced under $70.00 here

Amazon use to have the V67G for around $65, now they've boosted the price $80.00 + like most have.

Get it cheap before they raise the price as well.

#musicproducers #recordigstudio #CondenserMic #studioMic
Great Condenser Mic Under $100.00

I'd normally award this to Audio Technica, but MXL has one as well and for a lot less than $99.00

Under $70 via this link

Everyone else is charging $80.00 and up smh.

#musicproducer #musicproduction #microphone

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Great Condenser Mic Under $100.00

I'd normally award this to Audio Technica, but MXL has one as well and for a lot less than $99.00

Under $70 via this link

Everyone else is charging $80.00 and up smh.

#musicproducer #musicproduction #microphone

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Hackintosh Micro Build Under $1,000 will out performer newer macs

Here’s the build for this Mac Hack

Motherboard: Gigabyte Gaming 5 You can use other motherboards, but i find gigabytes extremely easy to setup.

Cpu: i5 Quad Core more than enough power. No need jumping for the latest chipset yet, Apple doesn't support them (yet)

Cooler: Corsair Hydro (noise reduced) if you don’t mind noise go with standard air coolers, they are cheaper

Power Supply: Corsair CS550M any power supply will do, just get one over 500

Graphics Card: EVGA GT740 or if you need more of a workhorse any one of these will do only up the card if you plan on gaming or doing video work

Ram: 16 Gig Ballastix Sport or save some money 8 gigs I'd go for the 16 personally, but if you aren't using heavy cpu intensive plugins, 8 will work

Hard drive: Samsung EVO Get any hard drive you want, but SSD’s are very quiet

Case: BitFenix Micro ATX


Further Price Reductions


CPU Cooler Hyper 212

PSU EVGA 500 Watt

#macpro #hackintosh #musicproduction #custompc


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Logic X & Battery 4
most don't know this feature exists

After close to 25 requests to show a Reason technique in Logic X, here you go!

Let me know if you have questions

#Logicx #musicproduction #jdilla #Battery4

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New Stand Alone Akai Mpc
it looks beautiful but

Is it worth it the asking price> -

I'm glad Akai decided to go back to their old school ways of standalone. I never liked being tethered to my computer in order to use a pad base sampler drum machine so this is awesome in my opinion.

Not sure if I'll actually buy it though. I'm wondering what native instruments will bring in response or if they even will respond.

What are your thoughts? Is it worth the price is it worth the investment?

I don't mean in terms of business, but as far as features and usability.

#musicproduction #akaimpc #musicproducer

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First ASCAP Sues RMLC Now BMI?
not even a month apart

What are your thoughts as music creators?

#musicindustry #musicbusiness #musicbiz

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Tell me about your production setup
how much ram does it contain?

Not everyone is a crucial fam, but it's 32 gigs! and I've never seen it this cheap!

I don't know about you, but my system runs decently on 12 gigs of RAM especially when I'm using Reason or Reaper. But as I get more and more into orchestral music and mixing big tracks, that 12 gigs is sucked up quick.

Heaven forbid if you're still working on 4 gigs! A couple of years ago 12 gigs cost m $135. This is crazy

#hackintosh   #custompc   #ram   #musicproduction  

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Hackintosh Motherboards

For those looking to build a Hackintosh, here are some compatible motherboards you'll want to look into.

I'm in the process of building one of these are share my build soon

Gigabyte Designare

Gigabyte Gamer 7


There are other boards, but for close to latest tech specs, longevity and easy of assembly I like Gigabyte

#hackintosh #musicproducer #musicproduction #custommac 

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How I write music cues for tv
I use to do this completely in Logic and or Reason, but the new daw of choice is Reaper



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