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Are we going to be able to finance Medicare Part E solely through patient contributions? No. Why?
This would be part of my solution to what we'll do if and when Obamacare fails. Financially, it looks as if the numbers will not work as Obamacare gets implemented. Most people want to be able to go to the doctor of their choice and get treatment when they want it. They also don't want an even ...
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Dixie Swanson

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The Accidental President has officially wrapped
It has been a whirlwind of activity here in Nashville for the past 9 days. But now, the pilot for The Accidental President has officially wrapped. I cannot tell you what an exciting, tiring and incredible experience it has been. So many wonderfully talented people played a role in making all ...
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Thank you, +Dixie Swanson ! I will do that.
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Dixie Swanson

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If you want to know what lupus does, I’ll tell you. It makes you really, truly stupid when you are tired. Dopey, slow, bizarre stupid.
Wow! Sometimes I'm so stupid I scare myself… I've done television before, but it was health news. I know it looks fun, but it is work. An army of people labor mightily –- not just the cast, but the crew. I learned long ago that the crew makes you or breaks you.
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Dixie Swanson

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Congratulations, +Dixie Swanson . I am glad to see good things coming your way!
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Dixie Swanson

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We have lost our minds in this country.
I've recently been with an elderly aunt and I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole into a world without reason. I drove her to see an old friend, a lovely woman of 88, whom I'll call Felicia. Felicia has endured a long, progressive neuromuscular condition which renders her paraplegic and more.
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I have to agree, +Dixie Swanson . Health insurance is right up there next to automobile insurance these days. The goal of insurance companies these days is profits. If you need them to pay, they raise their rates enough to have you pay them back. Insurance got turned backwards somewhere along the way, and is almost useless today.
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We’ve all had them: bad weeks. Everything you touch goes wrong. Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug. You are the bug for that week. 
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Just read Housewifery ... love it, identify with it, and never ever apologize for it. I was the third of six daughters. I tagged around with my dad rather than learning housewifery chores. No regrets. We live well with clutter. Tell me how long ago you gave something to me, and I can find it archaeologically in the piles. :)
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Dixie Swanson

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Complexity eats resources and allows for fraud
I promised you a plan for what do to when … or if … Obamacare fails. I can't deliver it in a short blog, so I am dividing it up into several blogs of ideas for your consideration. The things we do should be simple. Complexity eats resources and allows for fraud. So, here are some ideas.
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Dixie Swanson

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My characters have minds of their own. Now they all come to life at Left Brain Digital  
Today, (Tuesday – 11/19) we have two scenes to shoot and then it is back to reality. This past Saturday, I finally had a chance to get a picture of me with the core cast in the Oval Office. You can only imagine how crowded it was in my head, with all of them and more, rattling around trying to ...
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Dixie Swanson

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I remain on location for “The Accidental President” pilot shoot. Watching things up close and personal is very interesting.
I remain on location for “The Accidental President” pilot shoot. Watching things up close and personal is very interesting. For example, in pre-production there is the planning for everything: getting a finalized script (that will yield the desired running time), nailing down locations, ...
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Dixie Swanson

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I watch in awe as the pilot for the Accidental President Series starts production! 
When I wrote “The Accidental President Trilogy,” I wanted to entertain. But I also wanted Americans to see our power to change how government runs, regardless of party. We are not doomed to be a nation in decline. With a little gumption, we can hand this nation to our children and grandchildren ...
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Dixie Swanson

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Packages require a chainsaw to open!
Pet peeves are a quirk in the young. Once your hair goes gray (excuse me, SILVER), they are perceived as evidence of the grumpiness of the elderly. Screw it. Here are some things I could do without. Packages that require a chainsaw to open. You'd think there was gold instead of a toothbrush the ...
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I will have to plant sweetpeas next time. I am in Maine and moved from Texas.
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Dixie Swanson

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Hon. Barack Obama President of the United States The White House Washington DC 20050. Dear Mr. President: As someone with a Harvard Law degree, you should know better than to answer a hypothetical question. It is one of the first rules told to witnesses: never answer a hypothetical question.
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i put together words to entertain or inform
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    Writer by Day, Blogger by Night; Always Certain; Not Always Right, 1992 - present
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    Most of the time, the babies delighted me; sometimes they scared me witless. Very rarely, they broke my heart.
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Basic Information
Writer by Day; Blogger by Night; Always Certain, Not Always Right
I read the way you breathe, day in and day out. When lupus rather rudely ended my carerrs as a pediatrician and television health reporter, I turned to storytelling to distract me from my solitary life. 

I wrote and put things in the drawer. Some saw air as Op-Ed pieces. Others grew to book length in the dark. 

I published The Accidental President Trilogy, A Political Fable for Our Time. It's been adapted for streaming video to debut Summer 2015. 
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I am still here.
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    History, 1965 - 1967
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    writing, 1989 - 1992
    I've studied many things, but studying under Venkatesh Kulkarni was the most rewarding. He taught in the School of Continuing Studies and he changed me as a person. From from ideas to words on paper is harder than it sounds...
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