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Things to Make Sure Before Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one activity that requires a lot of physical preparedness. Before getting yourself to do it, here are four things you need to be sure of:

1. Make sure you are in shape.

It is important that you are physically fit for the activity. It also helps that you are not too exhausted or you lack sleep when you’d be going underwater.

2. Make sure you are hydrated.

Staying long under the sea can be exhausting and dehydrating. To avoid unwanted fatigue, fuel your body with enough drinking water.

3. Make sure you’ve gone through training.

This is especially essential for beginners or first timers. Training is important to equip the person for the activity; proper knowledge of the dos and don’ts are introduced as well.

4. Make sure you aren’t drunk.

Scuba diving when you’re drunk can make you dizzy, out of your right state of mind and consciousness. It can also be physically declining. It is never advisable to explore the underwater when you are drunk, as it can only attract potential risks.

Learn more about scuba diving with Dive To Survive Scuba! Speak with us at 831-655-DIVE (3483) for your inquiries.
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Scuba Diving: Safety Tips for Beginners

1. Know what equipment to use and how to rightly handle each.
2. Check every equipment before going underwater.
3. Make sure you are physically well.
4. Listen to every word your instructor says.
5. Do not separate from your diving buddies.
6. Relax and have fun!

Need some extraordinary scuba diving experience? Call us at 831-655-DIVE (3483)! #ScubaDive #SafetyFirst
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Explore the Beauty Under the Sea

Looking for unusual adventures worth the try with your family? Spend the next holiday exploring the beauty underwater! Scuba dive with Dive To Survive Scuba! Learn about our training and services at #BeautyUndertheSea
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Why Join Scuba Diving Training?

Why does it seem necessary for people to go through training before finally scuba diving? What benefits can it give? Here are three things people can get out of it:

People can become more conscious of their safety after being told of the possible hazards. They can also be better aware of how to protect themselves in case they will be faced with dangers underwater.

Training helps people know how to handle their bodies, their scuba diving gears, and their emotions once they go underwater. They no longer become ignorant of every guideline and precautionary measure when scuba diving.

People can better enjoy their adventures underwater because they will be able to do things right with proper knowledge and training. Worries and fears get to be minimized; delight and excitement for lasting memories become the new residents of their hearts.

Find adequate training for scuba diving at Dive To Survive Scuba! We prepare you every step of the way as you embark on a special adventure! For inquiries, connect with us at 831-655-DIVE (3483).
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Dive Tour Around Monterey

Stop by the finest diving spots in Monterey with your diving group! Dive To Survive Scuba offers dive tour packages at affordable rates. The training you need before exploring the underwater will also be provided to you. Gain more information about all these at We can’t wait to see you underwater! #DiveTour
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Attitudes Needed as a First-Time Scuba Diver

- Teachable and trainable
- Positive and courageous
- Respectful toward marine life
- Fun lover yet safety-conscious

Scuba diving is fun, challenging, and at times nerve-racking, which heightens the need for you to be holistically ready for the activity! Fear not, Dive To Survive Scuba is here to help! Learn about our training programs at #ScubaDive
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The Value of Getting Fit Before Scuba Diving

Working your way to physical fitness saves you a lot of hassle by the time you tour underwater. Here’s how it can be of advantage to you:

1. Your breathing circulates better and healthier; breathing difficulties underwater become less likely to occur.

2. You can swim faster and better with leg and arm muscles made firmer and stronger. Your endurance increases and you become more tolerant of muscle pains.

3. You’ll feel lighter in weight, be able to move around, and carry yourself better underwater.

4. You’ll become less exhausted and fatigued than if you haven’t developed the habit of exercising.

Move your way to physical fitness and complete the necessary preparations to nail your first scuba diving experience! You are always free to call for the assistance of Dive To Survive Scuba at 831-655-DIVE (3483). We are the finest scuba diving and training center in Monterey.

Prepare to scuba dive with us!
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4 Ways to Help Conserve Marine Life

While out in the ocean, resolve to:

1. Properly dispose of hazardous materials and other wastes
2. Limit your use of plastics and disposable items
3. Reduce your energy consumption and carbon output
4. Know your boundaries from breakable corals

Dive To Survive Scuba encourages you to advocate marine conservation, in order to maintain the ecstatic wonders of marine life throughout generations! #MarineConservation
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Rent Gears for Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can be more fun and fulfilling when you are geared with all the appropriate equipment. Dive To Survive Scuba offers gear rentals, sales, services, and air fills for your enjoyment! Seek more information at

#GearRentals #ScubaDive
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