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Look Up! ~ Luke 21:28
Look Up! ~ Luke 21:28


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What's the Difference between Congress and Parliament? | US vs British Governments Compared - Steve Cioccolanti
In a Parliamentary system, the "prime (first) minister" is chosen by his/her own party, not the population. Therefore a Prime Minister is always an insider, a professional party member, and the possibility of an outsider like Donald Trump coming in to "shak...

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What's Obama got to do with Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore? NHK Left Slant Exposed by Steve Cioccolanti
Did anyone catch this right after the Norko Sumit in Singapore on 12 June 2018? Yashushi Chimura, Former Abductee, on NHK Newsline NHK (the state-sponsored, left-biased news channel of Japan) chose a striking background to interview Japanese people who were...

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2 days left till EARLY BIRD rate ends for The SYNERGY End-Time Conference w prophecy authors Bill Salus & Steve Cioccolanti in Melbourne, Australia!

It's going to be a day of God's revelation!

My most senior ministry fan. Watches me regularly on TV at 93.

His secret to long life?
1) exercise every morning
2) eat rice only inner meal a day. Uncle still drives his own car to the market, Praise the Lord!

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I haven't paid attention to British royalty since Princess Diana's car crash in 1997. Now her youngest son Prince Harry is married in a Christian wedding on the Birthday of the Church! 2 thoughts:

- Life is punctuated with meaningful moments, the most meaningful of which will be the day you close your eyes, breathe your last and see God. Prepare well. Jesus will be at His Father's right hand as Judge, not as Savior, unless you made Him Lord in this life.

- If you like royal weddings, why would you miss Jesus' Wedding! Nothing else you've ever seen will compare. The most royal party and all who believe Him are invited!

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5 Reasons Malaysia's election of PM Dr. Mahathir at 92 years old is significant. A Christian perspective worth sharing:

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How "The Art of War" compares with the Bible

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Chuck Missler has gone home to be with our Lord. A great loss to the truthers & watchers community. What does it mean for us prophetically & for the time remaining?

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What’s the best social media platform for audio streaming/ audio sharing (not video, that's YouTube)? Would love your comments!

My investigation into 3 options churches and pastors may be using:

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What social media platforms are churches and pastors using for sharing audio (not video) content? Please comment.

"So then faith [comes] by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17 (NKJV)
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