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Discounts & Deals 4 Military
Military Discounts, Military Deals, Military Savings
Military Discounts, Military Deals, Military Savings


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Veterans Day 2017
Veterans Day is coming up this Saturday (November 11th). As always there are hundreds of restaurants and businesses that will be giving away free food and services to active duty military and veterans.  Here is the quick low down on the upcoming discounts T...

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Roth TSP increases to $18,500 in 2018!!!
The IRS just announced that in 2018, uniformed service members can now contribute $18,500 to either a traditional or Roth TSP. This is an extra $500 per year! If you are active duty your goal should be to try and put away as much as you can each year since ...

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American Express Platinum partnership with Uber and Ubereats
American Express recently (Mar 2017) partnered with Uber to offer a $200 credit to all Uber purchases annually on their AMEX "Platinum" cards. They give a $15 credit monthly (+ $35 in December). This $15 credit can be used for Uber and for UberEATS. When yo...

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How to MAXIMIZE your TSP
When it comes to long term scheduled investing there are two trains of thought. I will apply both of these to the TSP. The TSP allows you to contribute $18,000/yearly into a retirement account.  Here are examples of both examples: 1.) Dollar Cost Averaging ...

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Free Stock (up to $200 value) for signing up with Robinhood
Robinhood is offering 1 FREE stock up to a $200 value as a limited promotional sign up bonus right now. Robinhood is a mobile stock trading platform that lets you buy and sell stocks for completely free (no costs!).  To get your free stock, sign up here! ht...

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Get a Top Rated Breast Pump for Free
Did you know if you have TRICARE Insurance you can get a breast pump at $0 cost to you!?  The Breastfeeding Shop lets you choose from the top rated breast pumps available and will ship directly to you with no out of pocket cost!  Click Here  to learn more o...

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Thoughts on the New Blended Retirement System
Starting Jan 2018, Military members have an opportunity to switch over to the New Blended Retirement System. The BIG question is.....Should I opt in? There's a calculator that you can play around with, personally I find the calculator confusing tho. To keep...

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Paying your Tricare Dental Bill with a Credit Card
Starting May 1st, Tricare is switching my family Dental Plan from Metlife to Concordia. This post goes over how to switch your Tricare Dental Bill over to your credit card so you can get credit card rewards points instead of having the payment deducted stra...

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Ford Military Discount $1000
I recently bought a new F-150 truck from Ford. I personally hate car dealerships and think they are pretty dishonest/shady establishments so I share my story and suggestions to try and help you save some money. I also bought a new Minivan from Honda earlier...

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Free H&R Block for Military (regardless of rank)
Military OneSource offers COMPLETELY FREE H&R Block online tax software to all military. Here's how to get it. 1.) Go to and register for a Military OneSource Account 2.) After you've registered, It should automa...
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