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Disability Approval Guide
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If a stroke stopped you from working for at least three months, you may qualify for monthly Social Security disability benefits. Get the details here >>
You may qualify for Social Security disability benefits for stroke. See if you qualify for a free consultation with an advocate or attorney in your area.
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Don’t know the difference between SSI and SSDI? We’ll explain how applicants can qualify for each program here >>
Do you know what makes SSI and SSDI different? Here's an overview of the two programs to give you a better understanding.
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Changes with your medical condition can cause issues for SSDI beneficiaries – here's how >>
It can take months or even years for someone to be granted Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), but that doesn't mean the beneficiary may be able to receive benefits for the rest of his or her life.
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Why does it take so long too get on disability?
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If you’ve got an invisible disability, you may still be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Learn more about these qualifying conditions >>
If you’ve been diagnosed with one of these invisible disabilities, you may qualify for SSD benefits—but the process may seem even harder in your situation.
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True, it is not about the condition you have. It is about your inability to work with that condition.
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If your medical issue is classified as a CAL condition, you may automatically qualify for disability benefits >>
A Compassionate Allowance (CAL) condition is a medical condition that is classified as being so severe it meets the SSA's current definition of disability without question. There are currently 225 impairments on the CAL conditions list, with more being added annually.
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Did you know there is more than one way to apply for veterans benefits? Here's what they are >>
The media loves to make hay about how difficult the process is to apply for veterans benefits. And it's no wonder: Between the backlog of applications and reduced funding at Veteran's Affairs, there are a lot of problems to pick at. Though there's not a lot to do about the application process ...
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Looking to applying for SSDI benefits? Here are a few quick tips that may help with the process >>
How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits? Susan Kelley •; Posted 3 years ago. There are two ways to file a Social Security Disability claim. One way is to apply through an experienced Social Security advocate or attorney and the other way is to file on your own.
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We help qualified individuals get the Social Security Disability Benefits they deserve.
If you would like professional assistance with your first-time claim or to appeal a denial, please start by completing our free evaluation form at

There is no cost or obligation to receive a free evaluation. If you decide to retain a Social Security disability attorney or advocate, a fee will only be assessed upon successful approval for disability benefits. The fee is limited to 25% of the past-due benefits you are awarded, up to a maximum of $6,000. Note that the attorney/advocate will be paid out of your past-due benefits, or "backpay." If no back-dated benefits are awarded, the attorney/advocate will not receive a fee; nor is he or she permitted to ask you for one.

To apply for disability benefits without the assistance of a professional Social Security attorney or advocate, go to
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