Substratum or CMTE

Roughly 3 months ago we addressed our users on our plans for Android N and based on information we had then, we told them that we would stick to the CMTE.

Back then we anticipated a quick and smooth transition. The transition from our end has been just that, quick and smooth. We've adapted to new API's and just rolled with the punches as they say. We have adapted most of our features into this thing called 'Nougat' and even created some new ones! Is really been smooth for us.

The problem is that there are things that we can't control and those things unfortunately have not been quick or smooth.

What I'm speaking of is the CMTE. To keep it mild and drama free, the CMTE bring up has been slow or at least slower than what we had hope. While we may very well implement CMTE before DU11 is ready to launch, there's a strong possibility that we may just go another direction.

Direction we speak of is with Substratum. Substratum for those that have been living under a rock is the successor to the thing we once called Layers. Substratum like Layers and the CMTE is built around RRO but with really 2 big extras.

One extra is called OMS which is short for Overlay Manager Service. OMS emulates a lot of what we've come to love from the CMTE which is being able to apply themes in real time. I don't think anyone really likes to reboot every time they apply something, we don't. The other is the Substratum app and not exaggerating BUT is beautiful as much as it is useful. It packs a punch and comes with a lot of goodies that allow the user to do virtually everything we've come to expect from the CMTE.

So what's the problem? Go with Substratum

Yes Substratum is beautiful and is constantly receiving updates that fix bugs and that excites us but there are still a few things that we're just not comfortable with. These things are also things that are out of our control.

+Alex Cruz has been in contact with the Substratum team and really likes what he sees and like we've said above, there's a strong possibility we might go in this direction but we're going to wait to see what happens.

For now users can enjoy the 'legacy' version of Substratum in DU test builds which is taking advantage of RRO built into Android N. We will continue to keep you all updated on this subject but we wanted to get you folks on the same page and kill any rumors that may be floating around.

Now back to doing things that we can control! Enjoy!

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