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The People That Make My Hats - Highly Recommended

The Clearwater Hat Company
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Really? You really wear those hats in person? I think that is so cool. I love hats! I am slowly starting a collection. :)
I've got 4 hats from Clearwater Hats. The only bad thing is that when I go out there's always someone asking, "can I try on your hat?"
+Oz du Soleil That is true! And they are quite heavy. I always get "OMG, how do you wear that!?" I admit, that they are much heavier than a run of the mill hat, but you get used to it.
My very first was their tophat for my birthday in 1999.

+Dirk Talamasca what's your connection to Clearwater? I dont' remember how I found them. I remember I wanted a tophat and I was living in Long Beach, CA at the time. I searched the internet for local hat stores. Time and time again, these stores had cheaply made hats in the $20 to $75 range. They felt cheap, felt like something for Halloween; not for regular use.

Somehow Clearwater got on my radar and I took the risk. It paid off quite well.
Yes. A quality hat ... you get used to it.
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