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How have I gone this long without ever hearing twunt?
Is that a combination of the two words that I think it is?
Yes. it is. It seems it is a "combination you can use in the most polite of company" a position I'm quite sure my mother would disagree with.
I am now going to look for an opportunity to utter this expression: "Twunt do I owe this pleasure'?
What the hell am i still doing up? I should be #Twunting right now.....
lol #twunting, I just want a tshirt that says "I'm with this twunt." with an arrow pointing right. Or up.
Hey, at least in the Forgotten Realms, when the gods were busted down to the prime material plane, they were just as mortal as the rest of us.
Well. So was Jesus, remember? He kind of died.
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