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As Facebook grows, millions say, 'no, thanks'

More than 900 million people worldwide check their Facebook accounts at least once a month, but millions more are Facebook holdouts.

They say they don't want Facebook. They insist they don't need Facebook. They say they're living life just fine without the long-forgotten acquaintances that the world's largest social network sometimes resurrects.

They are the resisters.
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I've never bothered to make an account there. I thought about it, just so someone doesn't steal my name or something, but, well, pfffft who cares. :D
I used to have one, and if i do make another one, it'll be specially to keep in contact with people from college, if they don't use google+.
A year ago, Facebook's abandonment rate of new IDs (created and not used again) was 45% to 50% of all new registrations.

At the same time, Twitter's abandonment rate was around 35% and GooG's was around 25%.

I'm no hater of anyone; I'm saying it because I think the FB bubble is going to be ( #counterparties ) hyped by the offerers and cause some real damage to those hapless investors buying to bet the retirement farm. If that happens there are gonna be a whole lot of mad people and we could see the first "TBTF Social Network"

Zuckerburg was no fool bedding Goldman for the offering.
I made one to block use of my name, and explore what it was about. I found it useful to keep up with some of my family's happenings - the younger ones who assume you know what is going on in their lives because they made a post - but seeing how it encouraged the behavior of people thinking they were engaged in my life, but never even calling or saying hello, I closed it. Strange thing was, right when I closed it, I had several phone calls asking what was wrong - from people I hadn't talked to in months!
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