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What's interesting is that there seems to be a flood of bot run pinboards. How much of that popularity is artificial because of them?
There's also tons of spammers and bots on Pinterest. Not saying that G+ doesn't have those as well...
Though G+ does appear to be policed for bots far far better. :)

I haven't seen any in a month now.
Still not interested. Or pinterested.
yeah...right. Coming from a site that you have to be invited to join? I doubt the veracity of this story...
Bots are people my friend... or at least Pinterest bots do a good job pf pretending to be people. Where's a Blade Runner when you need them?
But Google+ has 100 million followers. Pinterest has 20. How did they work out that Google+ is less popular o.O
I'm guessing by the +1 and resharing counts of all shares. :)
On my site I get more pins than Facebook likes. Does that mean Pinterest is more popular than Facebook? No
And also, that article has more +1's than Facebook likes :P

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- Ben and the Pinterest Team can't even JOIN...
If someone invites you then you are in immediately and can invite yourself under different aliases - setting up a web of bots.
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