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I'm laughing sooo hard!!!
At least, they made a buzz for viral :))
You'll suit a brick when you see this one.
+Douglas Gentry Except that is NOT the intended remark. The poor choice of font and overall design has distorted the message and that is what the post is about.
I dont get what's wrong with the font...
Did they also photoshop her arm to reach the floor? In fact, I was looking at that, didn't see the H :)
You're telling me no one saw this before it hit the press??? Not one person noticed that it looks like it says "Shit Yourself" and not "Suit Yourself"????!?!?!
+Dirk Talamasca Well, before I read the guy above me, I thought it said Suit haha but now I see how someone could see it as Shit.
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