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Dirk Sorensby

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Like if you think Obama has been a traitor to his country. i mean, to America. #Obama #treason  
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If I get a chance I will hack you to death
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Dirk Sorensby

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Please +1 and re-share this if you have the guts to agree that Obama is a traitor and Muslims are evil. 
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Dirk Sorensby

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Islam is fucking evil. the cult was invented by a psychopathic, pedophile, megalomaniac, serial killer, evil pig. As a result, all the true followers of this ridiculously evil cult, are evil, barbaric, killers, rapist, pedophiles, disgusting, ugly, CRAZY, dangerous, anti-democratic, misogynistic, psychopathic, cold, heartless, narrow minded, enemies of all whom are kind, innocent, democratic, fare, loving, kind, moral, sane, peaceful, reasonable, and just. If you are too much of a coward to defend against and kill Islam, then please get out of the way,
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You were born 815 years too late.
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Dirk Sorensby

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Islam is evil and Muslims are pigs. Keep them out of America. Lock Obama up and for god's sake, don't elect another traitorous democrat.
Did we not say this would happen? Make this viral.
Watch this video. A European woman who speaks Arabic translates what the Muslim migrants were saying when they thought she didn’t understand their language. - See more at:
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Dirk Sorensby

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Obama  you are suck a fucking traitor and scoundrel. How many Americans have died and how many more will die because your affection for evil Muslim pigs? Because of your Islam-friendly rules of engagement. Because you were much more  concerned with politics than with decimating the Islamic enemy.... you are a traitor.
  #Obama #traitor  
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You r a fucking terrorist
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Dirk Sorensby

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"Important:It is important to understand that this fight is not about the radical Islam, the militant Islam, or jihad wahhabi Islam but against Islam itself. This fight is not a fight against moderate or radical muslims. This fight is against every person who call him/herself a muslim or worship islam.  A ideology that encourages its followers to assassinate and murder their neighbors should be forbidden."

 - Construction of mosques, the world around.
 - Graveyards only for muslims.
 - Halal-slaughtered meat in supermarkets and prisons
 - Less freedom of expression for people who will criticize and contradict Islam
 - Separated special old age welfare services for Muslims.
 – Non alcoholic days for Muslims.
 - Muslim Public Holidays.
 - Sex separated pools.
 – Muslim Prayer-rooms in the workplace, colleges and Universities
 - Use of Hijab at IKEA, police defense, Colleges University, and other workplaces.
 - Sharia Courts
 - Demands for the removal of caricatures image expressions.
 - Removal of pigs images in hospitals and other public places.
 - Removal of images of Jesus on Colleges and University and other public places
 - Islam-bank without payment of interest
 - Imam Education.
 - Separate Imams in Universities and Colleges for lectures in fake anti-western and USA propaganda.
 - Separate Islamic Councils that has too much to say in relation to the percentage representing muslims in  governments today.
 - Already too many muslim politicians in relation to other immigration groups.
Many of these demand are already partly or completely fulfilled in parts of our countries from naive and mentally retarded local and central authorities who are not able to put their foot down and say no.
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+Ritch Ritchloui  well said. Islam is evil. Muslims are evil pigs - modern day Nazi equivalent. all these liberals who defend Islam, are pigs who contribute to the destruction of man.
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Dirk Sorensby

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Islam is evil. Muslims are dangerous. Louis Farrakhan is a dangerous, evil Muslim  pig calling for violence. He should be arrested. #islam #Farrakhan #evil #pigs  
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+Hudson Child  At what? At terrorism, evil and promoting of the evil death cult of ISLAM? I'll take 75 minutes.
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Dirk Sorensby

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Here is the start of what I have to write for you. I am poor. If you are wealthy and wish to read the rest, send me money. 

How dare you. I am scared to death. We are so little.

But the future has a solution in my pocket.

My love fucked my best friend; so, I give you this.

Eternity. Immortality.

Yes, we can live forever.  Read me and create what I see, and we all shall live on.

Long past.

un  fucking  believable. 

so fucking stupid

she ruined my life

she sold herself to the ugliest, moderately middle class bald, older guy she could find.

and my family is kind, and not moderate, and sane. But, this story is not about me, or her or my family. it is about what earth's collective future could be if not for me, my bad luck, my mistakenness, and intellectual, social and psychological inadequacies. 

Immortality. think on this for this editorial suggestive literately questionable vision. Think on this in your lumber-sexual, web app, IPO giddy, genius adorned,  self-satisfied, brilliance anticipated, app-fueled, Stanford graduate adorned, freshly investor inflected companies of yore..... 

I am  none  of these aspects your privileged ego piggy  backs upon. I am not the left out author who mediums this message. I am purely the message of what will be. I am the idea that should have received "Facebook earning," Google applaud. I am inevitable genius. I am vision. i am the future brought to you early.

You don't know me. You won'/t be impressed. I'll never own a dingy let alone e a mega yacht. I've never been married, been left many times for many humans more wealthy and wise, hung and connected, useful and acclaimed. 

Not that i don't wish I was these things to you however, the truth and not my ego, lays out this schema. I have vision, not that anyone cares. I lay out for your reading the truth, not that anyone will care until they can profit from it.

I die, or live, poor, devastated, sad, lonely, unappreciated, broke, single, childless, destitute and forgotten before I'M GONE. 

BUT, i see the future and I see the will of god. so, read this and know the inventiveness of the all mighty. r
ead this and know what is really worth the billions that Facebook and google enjoy. I vision for you almighty leaps in mortality, quantum steps in progress, and millennial-Esq gifts compared to face-book esq, fuck your friend tool, carnal, savage, selfish, base, labidoness homages to obvious human instinct. I give you to read, for much less if not nothing, profundity above anything you heretofore are reading or fucking.

gods of gods. families of families. lives of lives. pasts upon futures. forever's upon forever. souls upon souls. You upon yours. 

I give you time travel. I give you immortality, literally. I give the universe and earth, foreverness and eternal meaning.
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Dirk Sorensby

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Dirk Sorensby

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Is this a joke to you or will you share?
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Dirk Sorensby

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Democrats support this. (either they are leaders in the party which means they are evil pigs and put their party above their country, or they are ignorant pawns suckered in by the insidiousness of the leftist controlled media.) enough said.

Save your country now, by supporting and contributing money to whoever and whatever apposes this "progressive," "modern day Democratic Party" machine, movement, ideology and its politicians.
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