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Please support +Handicap International U.S. 

"Um endlich tanzen zu können, ließ sich Rima, ein Mädchen aus dem Waisenhaus, ein Bein amputieren. Nun kämpft sie gegen das Kastenwesen, gegen Spott, und für die Rechte Behinderter in Nepal." 

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Um endlich tanzen zu können, ließ sich Rima, ein Mädchen aus dem Waisenhaus, ein Bein amputieren. Nun kämpft sie gegen das Kastenwesen, gegen Spott - und für die Rechte Behinderter in Nepal.
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Dirk Schweitzer

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listening to +Irene Conti    :-) 

Do you see the special guest?   :-) 
Here it is!! My cover of 'Never Be Alone' by Shawn Mendes with a very special guest! :)
Ecco il mio nuovo video! 'Never Be Alone' di Shawn Mendes, con un ospite davvero speciale!
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A cute special guest! Thanks for sharing, +Dirk Schweitzer :)
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Thanks +World Music/CRASHarts,  the +BU Arts Initiative and the New England Foundation for the Arts for bringing the enjoyable and inspiring music of +The Nile Project to the +Tsai Performance Center at +Boston University and its programs: . 

"The Nile Project brings together artists from the 11 Nile countries to make music that combines the region’s diverse instruments, languages and traditions. The concert experience aims to inspire cultural curiosity, highlight regional connections, and showcase the potential of trans-boundary cooperation."
"Participatory workshops and cross-cultural dialogues provide university students with unique intellectual experiences, deepening their understanding of the Nile ecosystem, and stimulating new ways of thinking, communicating, and doing."
"The Nile Fellowship and Nile Prize programs incentivize university students to apply their education and training toward mobilizing their peers and pioneering innovative solutions to the Nile Basin’s complex and inter-related challenges."


+Mina Girgis +Kasiva Mutua +KEXP #nileriverdrainagebasin   #cooperation  +Nile Basin Initative NBI +AJ+ +Meklit H.  #music  
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Portrait of The Turmeric Seller
© Larry Fiebert

Turmeric “the golden spice of life” is one of most essential spices and is used as an important culinary ingredient all over the world. Turmeric is a tropical plant that had been domestically cultivated in India since ancient times . As early as 3000 B.C., turmeric plants were cultivated by Harappan civilization. Turmeric belongs to the ginger family Zingiberaceae.

Turmeric is one of the principle ingredients of curry powder and can be used as a substitute for saffron. In India turmeric is used as a condiment. It is used to flavour and colour butter, cheese, margarine, pickles, mustard, liquor, fruit drinks, cakes, table jellies, fruit dishes, other foodstuffs and also as a food adjunct in many vegetables, meat and fish preparations. Turmeric oil and oleoresin is also used to impart the flavour in food and perfume industries. India is the major exporter of Turmeric and approximately 90% of world’s total production comes from India.

Turmeric also has powerful healing properties and is an important Ayurvedic health remedy.
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In India the whole plant is used.  Here just seems the root.
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The Hindu Festival of Pongal
Photo Taken in Trichy, Tamil Nadu

© Larry Fiebert

To symbolize a bountiful harvest, rice is cooked in new pots until they boil over. In addition to the preparation of rice, and the offering of vegetables, sugar cane and spices are offered to the gods.

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We were on a Boston to Boulder road-trip in the last two weeks and stopped on our outward journey accidentally at this location after refilling with gasoline. The food is of good quality (not undercooked & no stomach problems afterwards) and tasty, the location is clean, and the staff, especially the cashier Molly B., was very friendly and courteous (in the meaning of the German word "zuvorkommend"). On our return journey we again stopped here. It is a good place to take a break while you are on the long drive along I-80 through Nebraska.
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