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Steak Sandwich Dirk Style

The original plan was to make a Steak & Guinness pie today. But temps of 26°C (78°F) prompted me yesterday to go for something different. So, here is my version of a steak sandwich with rocket, dried tomatoes, caramelized onions and home made herb mayonnaise. I wanted to make a mayonnaise with Horseradish, alas the one I bought had gone bad and so I skipped that idea for now. 

Ingredients ✔

Steak & toppings
180g sirloin steak
1 ciabatta
1 small bunch of rocket, washed and dried
1 onion, cut into slices
clarified butter
1 teaspoon of brown sugar
a few pieces of dried tomato

Herb Mayonnaise
1 whole egg
2 teaspoons of mustard
2 garlic cloves crushed
A hand-held blender
1 tablespoon of mild vinegar
fresh herbs
200 ml sunflower oil (no olive oil)
everything needs to be at room temperature! 

Mise en place

- wash and dry off the steak, make it really dry and let it warm up for about 20
  minutes outside of the fridge
- cut the onion into slices
- crush the garlic
- wash and dry the Rocket


Herb Mayonnaise

Use a container that is just big enough for the hand held blender. Add the oil, the mustard, the whole egg, the vinegar, the herbs, garlic. Season with salt and fresh pepper. 

Place the handheld blender on the bottom of your container, making sure to cover the egg with it. Start mixing until the bottom part starts to emulsify.Now – very slowly – start moving the immersion blender upwards until all of the oil is incorporated and you have a smoothly textured mayonnaise. Done!  You will never use bought mayonnaise again. Put immediately into fridge. This takes no more than two minutes and can adapt to any taste you want. Leave out the garlic and the herbs, add whatever you like to it. 

Heat a small skillet to medium to low heat and cook the onion slices at low heat in some clarified butter for about 10 minutes, add some sugar after about 5 minutes and stir continually until the onions are nicely caramelized. Set aside to cool and drip off. 

Make sure the steak is really dry, heat the clarified butter in a skillet and sear the steak from all sides for about 2  minutes for medium rare, depending on the thickness of your steak and how well done you like it. Only flip it once as soon as good seared markings are visible. Put it in a piece of tin foil and let it rest for about 8 minutes. 

Spread the bread with the delicious mayonnaise, place rocket on the slices and top with rocket, onions and small drops of mayonnaise. Cut the steak against the grain into think slices and place it on top of the onions, lightly salt the meat now and add fresh pepper. Top with a second slice of bread and cut into pieces. 

Bon Appétit

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That is some serious sandwich... looks excellent!
<---- not eaten for a day, again. 
This is so not helping.... I almost chewed on my monitor...
gets up and off to scour food...
+LAURIE WADE it is hot.. so yeah.. oh gosh I am sure I wrote something weird in the recipe now that I haven't seen.. or it just something you'd like to see :P

+Annie Yim you need to eat sweets, I'd give you the other half that my neighbour ate.. uhm. you know what I mean. Please eat something? 
I have a microwave and an oven. Warming it up should be no problem. ;-)
why I'm getting the bit that your neighbour has already eaten?! :((
Your neighbour and you seem to do a lot of things together grin :p
I feed them sweets :) this time, he got something, they want to grill so they'll also get the rest of the mayonnaise :P 
As Dave Chappelle would put it, "mmmm-mmmmm bitch!"

That sandwich looks mighty tasty!
Thanks Ralph, my half surely was :) 
Can you deliver to australia?
Even the presentation looks great!
+Dirk Reul visiting Germany is on my bucket list. You can make me a sammich when I come visit. Deal? ;-)
Mission completed, I've finally dirkceptioned the household of +Luis Roca Say hi to Jen and I'd gladly cook for both of you any time :)
Thank you Wanda :) I'd make a version without steak for you then, shouldn't be too hard. Maybe some baked ewe's cheese instead of the steak. 
indeed John :) I'd probably make a breaded feta using Panko
+Khairul Zainal I'll add you to my notification circle then, no worries, I usually only post food once a week :) and yes.. Sammich is on the way :P 
let me try this at vessel.
looked deloceous
Done +Olivia Gumdrop :) In case you are curios, you can take a look at my profile "About" section, my posted recipes are all linked there. 
+Dirk Reul Never head of Panko before. Very interesting. Must be able to get it here some where. Sounds great on fish too.
+Wanda Howe it is delicious! also.. I think you are right, the older I get, the more I enjoy cheese. :) 
how could be the chesse change to choc.lete try to use blue chesse.good
+John Lewis Panko is often used in the Asian kitchens to bread food, it gets really crisp. I ordered mine via Amazon, but most Asia food stores should have it in stock. 
i m a cook on the ships.any eecommendation from u friends..good menu
hmm it will be more deliceous if using rye bread?
I've tried this with rye bread and on a Lye roll. Rye bread with a strong and crunchy crust, also works really well. 
awesome Dirk Reul...thank you verry much arigato gozaimass
Mary C.
Dang! I has der rumblies in mah tumblies reading the recipe alone!
Then the pictures... droolzville central! •_•
+Mary C. that should be right up your alley and you can master style grill your steak as well :) Thank you my dear. 
I'm totally going to make this tomorrow.
+Stuart Jones I hope you will like it :) you can also use roasted bell peppers instead of the dried tomatoes btw 

+LaLa Hummer hopefully you'll find something to to eat soon if you're already in that phase :) Do you have power outages at the moment? 
eww, that doesn't look good
it looks gross
mmmmmmmm........!!!tS yuMmmyyy....
I could do with one of them right about now!
looking yammiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Mz Maau
I think this needs to be tried with salmon instead.  (I wish I liked steak, I really do, but my body tells me no, no, no.)  It looks tasty though!

+Ian Andrews, did you see this?
+Mz Maau easy, use dill as the herbs, the onions can remain but I'd skip the tomatoes. Probably use hot smoked salmon too instead of regular smoked salmon 
Mz Maau
That's what I was thinking.  Though, while smoked salmon would be interesting, I was actually considering fresh salmon steaks, grilled and sliced thinly (for salmon).
Another excellent idea. 
why there are only 147 pluses, and over 4k pluses on a cake picture. this looks much more delicious than that!
+石骁毅 Candy makes the world go round I guess :) Thank you for the compliment! 
mmm gud. coughs sike jk :)
This looks Deliciously yummmmy!!!!!! xD
Thank you so much for tis recipe
It really looks tasty!!! What kinds of herbs do you like to put in your mayo, and how long does it keep when you make it??
+Colleen Gaudin I used some thyme and majoran, garlic and some dried and ground onion as well. Because of the use of fresh egg, the mayo needs to be consumed in two to three days and should be kept in the fridge as long as possible. I only make this when I know I am going to use more of it, for example. I gave the rest of my mayo from today to neighbours that were grilling today. 
looks wonderfully full of calories ...yum
Dirk you RULE!! I wish your were my neighbor!!! lol Thank you😊📝
Aww thank you +Colleen Gaudin :) You're welcome. if you want to, you check out my other recipes in my profile :) 
You can easily make a version with less meat or use grilled Salmon or grilled feta for example +kim smith 
Thanks Hun... I don't really have a clue about this google + thingy... I look at what ever pops up on the stream... 
If you go on my page and click on 'About'
You'll find links to older food posts. I can also notify you when I post something food related :) if you want me to that is.
I just touched your name and a page I never saw before popped up!! It had an about space but nothing happened when I touched it... I am SERIOUSLY clueless about this kinda stuff... I would very much like to see anything food related you post if you know how to do that... My friend got me on google+... He thought I had more brain power than I actually do... I am a simple clueless redneck woman... lol
I'll write you tomorrow :) its almost midnight here and I'll head to bed now, 
That looks and sounds pretty awesome. Two of my favorite things...Steak and sandwich! I'll take two please.
yum and ewwww at the same time
Mmm, Dirk sandwich....
Steak Sandwich my dear :) a tiny but important distinction :p
Looks delicious, I love your food photographs!
Thank you +G+ Cook Along, I really try to capture the look of the real food and compensate for lack of the third dimension :) 
True dat! :) Well, there were a few but they disappeared :P 
Thank you Ash :) I'll also take happy dances or other signs of approval. 
Oh, baby! Get in mah belleh!
Oh nice, lots of fresh herbs to play with in the kitchen! That is a most excellent offer +Kyla Myers :) See +Annie Yim and +Yoon-Mi Kim instead of making me a kitchen slave, Kyle here knows that someone that likes to cook can be tempted to cook for her by offering great ingredients! 
I also make an excellent sous chef and I keep my wine refrigerator stocked with great wines. :)
I am certain that I could learn a lot from you Kyla, so maybe I  ought to be the sous chef and you'll be the Chef de cuisine
I'm willing to trade off the chef hat and cook for you, too.
Oh yes, they are flawless! 
thank you Dirk +G+ Cook Along has been helpful to me and friends very much so last night that you
Dirk if you would like i can post a few more of my favorite recipes
Yes, Gem, you might say it like that :P 
Only thing left to say - awesome!
Thank you +Rose Mary Cespedes they are pretty integral to the taste to be honest, regular lettuce has almost no taste. You could add lettuce and use some mustard on one half of the bread if you want to, so you'd have some crunch and also a bit of the peppery taste that makes it so yummy. 
Definitely gonna try this.............YUM YUM!
I am sure you'll like it Margot :) Also a good object to practise your photography upon° 
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