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Much respect to Dwayne Johnson for going all in here ;)
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They are so funny! Lol! 😄😄😄😄😊😊😊😊! 
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[edit:] This is a six minute long safety video. I've noticed that those videos tend to get longer and longer. Where "in the olden days" spoken instructions and mimes worked, nowadays airlines try to outinstruct each other.
Not sure this helps in the times of shorter attenti....SQUIRREL!
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+Thomas Bohn not this particular one, but they have a video that is injected with humor on regular flights as well. And I think it's a little shorter. I saw one 2 weeks ago and it did make me chuckle. I think there is nothing wrong with trying to make these videos a little more appealing to passengers. It's not a full blown "comedy central" level because they need to be mindful not to offend anyone... ;-)
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Hier genau hier nicht alleine sein 
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Great talk, especially in times of the interwebs and memes.
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This. Pretty much.
I don't necessarily agree with every single bit, but overall, this hits home in a lot of its points.
Mountain View, we have a problem

Dear Google, I’m your friend. Really I am. If I weren’t, I wouldn’t take time to tell you there’s a problem. I’m not rage quitting, that’s an easy way out and unworthy of what you’ve built. I’m going to try to make this place better and if not, I’ll find someone, who’ll help me build a better place. That’s not an idle threat, because you know there are smart people with drive out there. Complacency and lack of direction make incumbents vulnerable. 

so let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late (B. Dylan) 

GPlus needs to change and put humans in the middle instead of compartmentalizing us neatly. Suggestions for improvement are also provided. A user group advising and providing feedback would be a good start.  Stop here or proceed at your own peril.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

My friends at Google, we know you have the smartest people, you have the best data, you’re everywhere in tech. Here we are having this discussion on GPlus, an absolutely fantastic site full of potential, but often frustrating to myself and apparently others too. I think I am beginning to understand why.  You don’t know what you want to do with GPlus; you’ve got data instead of people at the heart of the design. 

Just one man’s opinion

Clearly, what I am writing is from a very limited perspective. I lack the data you have. I lack the specialization in this field you have. I am not objective. Thus, this is admittedly only my take on things and I won’t presume to be a speaker for everyone, but I will speak clearly and earnestly with you. I want you to succeed, but if you won’t change in ways that make the experience better here for me, I will go elsewhere, because eventually someone else will offer a better experience if you do nothing. 

No free lunch

This is our implicit bargain.  You been getting my content, tracking me, selling ads using what you know about me. In return, I have been able to use GPlus and other great tools from Google (Search, Drive, Docs, Hangout/Chat, Translate, Scholar, Android, Picnik in the GPlus Photos, etc…) I think we’ve both been more or less content with this deal. I am no longer content though with the experience on GPlus, because it could and should be more.  

What you’ve done well

You’ve given us some very easy to use and powerful features on GPlus. The Hangouts on Air, while something I seldom attend, has been a great way for me to sample some musicians. Events have been great for specific, directed purposes. Hangouts / Chats have been a mixed blessing , but the fact that you offer it as part of the package has been great. You’ve built in a translate function that makes some languages that I don’t speak halfway accessible to me. It lets me follow people with quality posts in different languages. I love the photo quality and tools. Auto awesome, Auto Enhance, the Picnik toolset and the generous space have made sharing photos here easy and fun. Circles are a very good feature that rapidly became my favorite tool for dealing with the stream to ensure I saw what I wanted from people I circled and posted to whom I wanted. Let’s not forget your two-step verification, which gives additional security on the account. Blocking and reporting spam features have been tools that so far, thankfully, I have rarely had to use, but I’m glad they’re there. You deserve special credit for never going down the “Farmville” or “Mafia War” or any of those other games of similar ilk route. That’s definitely a laudable decision to not do something. Sometimes not doing something is just as important as what you do. 

I’m probably forgetting things that have become so second nature that I just take them for granted. That’s a compliment to so many things that are done well here. 

”It depends” Category

Google, you’ve got a lot of things that are a mess. Sometimes they are helpful and sometimes they are mixed blessings at best. I mentioned Hangouts above. One of the people I have followed for a long time on GPlus, who has used hangouts a lot more than I ever have or probably will, told me the other night that her Hangout turned into Chatroulette. If people want Chatroulette they go there. If people want a reasonable discourse a GPlus Hangout ought to be a good alternative. 

Communities  Yes, I get the purpose. I understand why it is good to have private discussion groups or focused forums. Communities have proliferated so much though, that I hardly go to the ones I have anymore. Despite invites I now only add a community once in a blue moon, because I just don’t have time to get to them anymore. I also think they are divisive and detrimental to engagement on GPlus. Oh, some people in communities are passionate and engage frequently and meaningfully within a community, but their voices are sorely missing in the public stream. 

Collections  Again, something I understand. I’ll get around to setting up some. I know that when I post a picture of a spider, even some of my most loyal followers get a shock. Putting spider pictures in a collection could be a good idea to deal with this. They can follow me, but opt out / suppress the spider collection. At least in theory. If someone follows 1000 people will they realistically go to that granular level, esp. over time? After all use of collections will be ongoing and dynamic, so users would have to continually update which collections to turn on or off. I’m sure Google has thought it through. My gut feeling is that collections serve the following purposes: 

1. It’s a Google version of Pinterest (simplistic, but I’m running with that for now) 

2. Google likes to have things categorized. It fits neatly into your most powerful capability: search. You guys can even search scripts and DOMs accurately. If you get people to cleanly categorize pictures and maybe even label them for you, you have another goldmine to make yourselves indispensable with. How could you resist getting users to categorize for you? 

The danger is that it’s going to put keywords and items in the center instead of people. We’re not discovering and interacting with people, we’re searching for and discovering photos associated with keywords. If we don’t know what we don’t know, how will we find something new? Won’t this lead to a progressive encapsulation or a type of filter bubble for our user experience? 

Ok. The intentions behind Collections are good, but I’m keeping an eye on this.

The Bad and sometimes Downright Ugly

November 2013 was a low-water mark for Google Plus. I believe you made an immense mistake that severely damaged the ecosystem. I liken it to an asteroid impact on Earth leaving a distinctive mark in the fossil record. GPlus was for the most part a community of people, who wanted to be on the Plus and who interacted with each other positively (my experience). Then you forced the integration of GPlus and YouTube . I know you’ve heard the complaints before and this is history, but it still echoes here. The YouTube integration marked a time when I started losing people that I enjoyed on here. They either abandoned the place or went to almost exclusively private posts. It is my subjective impression that GPlus went from exuberant adolescent to wary young adult in that period. Let me tell you GPlus that I don’t want my identity on GPlus and my identity on YouTube merged. I want to have a public and a private persona: even if you may know everything I do, I don’t necessarily want every like or dislike to be for public consumption. You overstepped there and you let the barbarians overrun Camelot. They weren’t even interesting barbarians, a better description of the horde would be cretinous trolls.

Hashtags  Please get hashtags under control. I do understand that you need some. Take a look at my attached snapshot evidence hashtaghell. When a post has a title and maybe one or two lines of text and then is followed by two pages of hashtags things are out of control. Do you really think that’s a good idea? Is that really how you want us to reach out to each other? Do you want to take SEO and the “Plus My Post” game to these extremes? 

Circle share abuse  well, you fixed that radically didn’t you? Was there no better way than to completely eliminate it? At what point did you discuss this with your users? I don’t miss circle shares that much and don’t really care. I wasn’t in that game, although I did benefit from shares and apparently was shared some hundreds of times. What bothers me is the lack of discourse with your users. There were legitimate uses for it, but you killed the whole feature. 

What’s Hot fix that too. Yes, you want a “trending” feature, I get it. Curate it How many times will a particular user with only 5000 followers get hundreds or thousands of “+1s” , a handful of comments and never respond to any commenter? Zero engagement, nada, zilch, but every day turn up on “What’s Hot”. Sure, some of those shots are good, but they’re not outclassing everyone else every day. Is that on the level? Maybe it is. Maybe it is the culture and the region. I think you’re being gamed. I damned sure am sick of seeing that. Oh yeah, I can block, but you’re letting it happen. Blocking only pretends it’s not going on. It would be an ostrich tactic.  

Speaking of gaming “What’s Hot”, apparently a couple of hashtags about bees will get you on “What’s Hot and Recommended” even if you don’t have much to say or a very good photo, while other people’s work that I have seen barely gets noticed. That’s a riddle to me too. There are probably other examples, but I think I’ve made the point that something is fishy in Denmark. 

You want users to spend their energy on hashtags and SEO? That’s what you’re going to get. We’re not all in this for money or fame. I understand businesses competing for top page ranks. Let that happen in the Search Engine Wars. Level the playing field on GPlus for normal users. Rigged games turn people off. I don’t think competitive hashtagging is where the majority of users want to wind up. 

Frustration: it’s got to be better than this

Lacking any way to get meaningful statistics inside GPlus, I’ve had to do some reading and use outside tools. Google says there are about 300 million active GPlus users in a month. Stone Temple Consulting did a study of public posts and concluded the number was close to 110 million active users. That’s a lot, but only about 0.5% of Google users. Only 6.7 million have 50 posts or more EVER on GPlus. About 3.5 million have 50 posts in the last 30 days on GPlus. 

Let’s get down to my numbers, because they’re the only ones I can speak directly to. Thanks to 3rd party tools: +CircleCount  and +NOD3x , I have some information I can use.

2171 total public posts from 20110715 to 20150513
2012 posts in statistics 
20.4 +1s per post
0.78 reshares per post
8.2 comments per post

Current numbers based on last 50 posts
20 comments per post
2 reshares per post
55 +1s per post

77 total engages (reshares, comments, +1s)

0.0045 Engaged Spread => 0.45 % interaction based on number of followers
(Reshares + Comments + +1s) /  Followers

0.006 Engaged Depth => .6 %
(reshares*3 + comments*2 + +1s) /  Followers

I can’t say if these are good or bad, but I do feel like I rarely reach someone new in terms of engagement. Mostly, I think, I have a loyal group of regulars (I adore you), with whom I have interaction in comments on my posts or on their posts. If I get past 150 people in a week I’m doing great. That doesn’t seem very good to me considering that I supposedly have almost 17k followers. That’s roughly 0.9% interacting with me. Is that typical? It seems pretty low to me as a layperson, but I do enjoy the interactions with the people I have come to know. I’m happy with the quality so far, but a bit mystified at such a low level of interacting versus the apparent base (17k). 

An eloquent comment by a friend

_ But it wasn't just me who changed. Google+ changed too._ The tone changed and some changes had a profound impact on personal interactions. I saw and still see, people pouring out their hearts and I wonder, do people even still see this? Have we, as in users of social media, become so jaded or is everything happening too fast? Has the neverending stream of information around us dulled our ability to see? (from a friend’s post. Not listing his name to protect him in case things go south on this post. If he wants his name in here, I’ll edit and insert it.) 

Making this place better

Sometimes you have to roll the hard six

I know that I’m opening myself up to be ripped into by lots of people, lectured by others and have still more shake their heads and say “bless his heart”. It’s ok. I don’t want to just criticize. I want changes and have ideas. I’m sure they don’t match everyone’s ideas, but unless people advance ideas on what’s wrong and what needs fixing, you, Google, are going to do what you think best in a vacuum. At least I’m not hearing about you reaching out to people like myself, so it appears to be a vacuum to me.

Action Plan

1. You need a user group that’s a real cross-section of your users. Ensure both women and men get to participate. Include power users (bloggers, musicians, artists, tech columnists, authors, etc.), but also regular users. Include people from different regions. Include people using different tools out of your offerings. 

2. give us a meaningful roadmap or vision for GPlus. What are you going to do to make this the best place for people to interact on the web?

3. Put in some “simple” fixes to small, but aggravating problems.

3.1 When a post is reshared and gets plusses, why not have the plusses also automatically added to the original post?

3.2 let people have better view to what happens with their posts. Who is interacting on it (limited number when you click on activity today)? If something takes off, who was the key user in that chain of events?  

3.3 if you won’t give us the tools to understand what is going on then open up the API to CircleCount, Node3x and others. Let them develop add-ons to make our experience better. Open it ALL up to them. 

3.4 Give me a way to check my circles. Who is still active? Who abandoned in 2013? Let me clean out my circles without a tedious search one by one. Sure, I would like people to come back, but if they’ve been gone a year or more, I’d like to see it and make space for people, who will interact with me.

3.5 Take hashtags out of the main post. Put them in another section, i.e. a post has a text section, it has an optional “labels” or “hashtag” section, it has a link/photo/video sharing option.

3.6 Curate “What’s Hot” better. Even better than that, get people on GPlus, who actually find good quality postings and put them in a recommended/curated listing. If you’re doing that today, it isn’t living up to my expectations.

3.7 Why don’t you want to be the place for people to come to discuss topics? Why shouldn’t GPlus, built by some of the brightest people of our era, running on and within one of the most capable global companies, be a place that attracts avante garde and intellectual interaction? You ought to want to make this the place to be on the internet. I’m not asking you to be a Facebook killer. Don’t be Facebook, Pinterest, MySpace or the Matrix. Bring bright minds together. Make it easy and rewarding to mix and mingle. You can dominate this space in a way no one else does.

3.8 If you can’t figure out how to make 3.7 happen then find your top contributors of original content (music, art, photos, blogs, regular posts) and make them an offer as a highlighted contributor. At least figure out something to make it rewarding for them instead of leaving them to be worn down by the parade of spammers and trolls. Make sure there is support for them to handle the engagement volume. Some of you remember Dede King? Someone like Dede would be great. Sure she polarized, but we need spice not oatmeal. 

3.9 The “Discover” feature is lame. Those aren’t people interacting with us. Maybe some are news sources, but I don’t need GPlus for that. Famous people, who don’t interact and don’t do their own comments are boring to me. The only one I’ve run across, who was good at that was Jerry Ryan. Fix it. Rotate people in. Use your own statistics to show people, who really interact and let the cream rise to the top. Use your curators to find quality content, not just names. 

4. Dr. Zaius, get your stinking algorithms off me 

Google, you mean well, but these algorithm changes are killing interactions. We users do notice when engagement drops off. It’s not a ghost town, but sometimes things drop off suddenly for a week or two, usually around new feature introductions. If it were just me then I would look for a reason in my posts or the quality of my work. I’ve had enough people tell me they notice something too, that I don’t think it’s me. It’s you Google. You surprise us and you’re not transparent.
What I think is wrong: you’re doing Big Data and assume like likes like. I’m sure there’s statistics for it. I’m sure it’s more comfortable that way, but some of the more interesting people aren’t like me. I also have Circle Management. I know who I want to see out of the people I already know. Why do you keep changing relevance algorithms and pulling us apart? I feel like the bread pudding in the expanding universe analogy where galaxies are raisins and growing further apart. 

I want control over what I see in my existing circles without your algorithms deciding to give me less of Jane Doe and more of John Smith. I also want to be able to discover people from something like the old “incoming stream”. Right now my main way to discover new people is from interaction with new people, who plus/comment on my posts or a GPlus friend’s posts. I grow slowly, organically and have richer interactions, but I don’t know what I’m missing out there. How can I get new stuff in my stream and avoid a “filter bubble” and slow, but sure stagnation? 

Wrapping Up

Google, I care about GPlus. You’ve let me meet wonderful people from all over the world, who I never would have met any other way. I’ve learned from others and I’ve grown in unexpected ways. It has been a great ride. I think you have more to offer, but I also think you’re complacent, distant from your users and lacking clearly communicated direction. You may have it all internally. I know you have extremely sharp, driven people and wouldn’t rule out anything you want to accomplish. You need to remember users though. GPlus may be a great layer on top of other services, but make it something people also continue enjoying to connect with other people. 

Thank you for the good years! I hope you have more to come, but don’t take it for granted. Others may do it better if you won’t put users back in the center. No one stays on top forever. As users we have to adapt to change. As a provider you need to change and adapt to opportunities and threats too. If you make this a place people love (net promoter scores anyone?) GPlus will master all the changes. 

We need very strong ears to hear ourselves judged frankly, and because there are few who can endure frank criticism without being stung by it, those who venture to criticize us perform a remarkable act of friendship, for to undertake to wound or offend a man for his own good is to have a healthy love for him. (Montaigne)

Thanks for listening. I came as a friend. 

Resources / Additional Reading

General GPlus Info

Users / Communities / Engagement / Ghost Town


Is Google the Matrix? 

Search Engine Crawling 

Filter Bubble

Tim Berners-Lee on an Open Web 

One iteration of the raisin bread analogy (I believe I first heard it from Carl Sagan, but couldn’t find it) 
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Thanks, +Dirk Moeller . I'd be surprised if anyone agreed a 100%, but I do think some points will be things others have experienced.

Maybe we can get Google to listen to constructive criticism from real, active users. There are many voices and many ways to use GPlus. 

Have a great Friday!
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I don't really like these bags. They look too stiff and the lens cap holder seems a bit gimmicky. What do you think?
Town 30 is raising funds for Emissary Camera Bag - Unlock. Mount. Shoot. Everyday on Kickstarter! Beyond holding your gear. The Emissary directly connects you to your photography experience. Shoot daily. Shoot classy. Town 30.
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I think you can go retro, then vintage but this is just not done. And it seems too stiff like you've said.
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Happy Launch Day Pocketstory

Congrats to startup +Pocketstory ( ) for launching into public beta as of today.
I'm happy that I contributed a tiny bit to it with my photo of the management, which made its rounds through german media today.
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This is a worthy cause.
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Ok didn't kn that thanks for tell me 
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Faith in humanity, partially restored.
To many Bostonians, the death sentence given to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Friday felt like a blot on the city’s collective consciousness.
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The Witcher - Wild Hunt

Best. Cinematic. Ever.
I am stupidly excited for this game. Hope my system can run it. 

(edit: NSFW and Gore and blah)
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Bought it, thanks to Kindle ;)
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It was either sharing another disapointed Apple Watch article or this.
I think I made the right choice ;)
From tuna melts to Italian subs, there's a vast world of sammies to explore. Let's get started.
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Yes, yes you did! :)
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Bryant Park, 2015
  #blackandwhitephotography   #blackandwhitephotos  
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Das Essen war, bis auf das Schnitzel, Durchschnitt. Der Thunfisch war von nicht allzu guter Qualität, das (zugegeben stumpfe) Messer hatte Probleme ihn zu teilen - dafür war das Süßkartoffelpüree so reichlich vorhanden, das mehr als die Hälfte übrig blieb. Der Bok Choi schmeckte leider nach gar nichts. Der Kaiserschmarrn aus dem Wok war so "dicht" in der Konsistenz, dass er mit einem Kaiserschmarrn eigentlich nur die Zutaten gemein hatte. Am meisten verstörte mich der Service. Ich kann es gut leiden, wenn der Service mal "einen Schnack" drauf hat, aber an den Tisch zu treten während wir uns unterhalten und dabei meinen Satz zu beenden finde ich störend und dreist, ebenso wie der Griff auf den Vorspeisenteller, um die Garnierung von meinen Sushi zu nehmen, damit man mir mitteilen kann, um welche Sushi es sich handelt. Abgeschlossen wurde der Abend damit, dass unser Tisch um 21.50h an einem Samstagabend bereits der letzte noch besetzte Tisch war und man in 10 Minuten-Abständen anfing nachzufragen, ob wir denn noch etwas wünschen würden - zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatten wir noch nicht mal einen Kaffee zum Abschluss getrunken. Als wir den Laden verließen, wurde unmittelbar hinter uns das Gitter zugeklappt.
• • •
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I knew the Mondrian LA before and expected a similar experience in Miami. Unfortunately, both house are not comparable. It starts with the subpar valet service at arrival, trying to communicate with the receptionist in a very noisy and dark lobby while loud music is playing in the background. Everything is very empty and dark. If that's the design style they went with in this house, ok - but it's not my style. The suite had a "living" area which is basically a large empty room with a two seater and a lamp - and a lot of space. The view "Downtown" is quite nice, but then there's the pool area which houses some very loud a/c or generator, running all night - same is true for the (inroom) a/c generator in the bathroom. The bathroom itself is basically void of storage space and even the placement of a toothbrush is a challenge. The worst overall is the scent used all over the hotel. One feels like in an A&F store - unfortunately this is true in the bedroom as well, so the last thing in the evening and the first thing in the morning is sweet powdery scent in your nose. We checked out after one night and the management was very interested to learn about the reasons for our checkout, friendly and understanding. I guess we just weren't right for each other ;)
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Nettes Team, sehr sorgfältig und einfühlsam.
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Situated on the "private" Island of Brickell Key, the hotel features an colourful international selection of guests. Downtown Miami with the Central Business District is close and features a number of good and solid restaurants in walking distance. Our suite was spacious but cozy, with a large sitting area which works wonders on rainy days. The hotel has a pool area and an additional small "beach", both in the south westerly corner of Brickell Key, perfect for catching some sun rays. The food served there was in our time prepared in a food truck near Brickell Park - that might have been because the main restaurant was under renovation, but was perfect for a guilty pleasure of heavenly burgers and fries in the sun. The one thing that makes the MO standing out is the staff: every single staff member is really aiming to make you feel welcome. The attention to the guest is remarkable and I would stay there again in an instant.
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The restaurant is quite busy and packed, but still feels friendly and personal. The staff is friendly and efficient. The signature drinks are available as virgin versions, too, which is very welcome if you don't drink alcohol - which seems to usually be in there a lot, judging from watching the barmen ;) The food is the main attraction though, featuring a modern cuban/latin approach. The smoked Marlin Tacos were as beautiful as the Mystery Meatballs. Both extremely well executed and perfectly sized for starters. The Pollo Criollo was very moist and the Sugar Cane Tuna of exquisite quality. The Chocolate Cigar was a bit too whimsical, fun on the eyes but not that great of a flavour combination, but Da Bomb was exactly what you'd expect from a dessert under that name. Overall a very pleasing experience in a nice atmosphere. Valet parking is available on the opposite street side.
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Außerordentlich gutes Essen ist in der Innenstadt von Hamburg eher schwer zu finden, umso herausragender ist die Stellung des Tschebull, vor allen Dingen zur Mittagszeit. Das Wiener Schnitzel ist ein Gedicht und während der Saison auch mit Spargel zu bestellen. In der Regel recht voll, daher unbedingt reservieren.
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