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Dirk Moeller
Photographer, Advisor, Traveller, Collector of Thoughts
Photographer, Advisor, Traveller, Collector of Thoughts

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Schmalbart zur Rede vom Dingens. 

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This looks promising. At least a new idea.

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This is somewhat fitting right this week.

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Now this is cool.
Basically a monitor with input, not a complete computer, close to Wacom Cintique.

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I'd like to see this life as a movie
This is most impressive and he was also the inventor of modern day photographic safari, after he was initially known for his tiger hunting. 

What's the next big thing for planes?

Serious question: I watched the local news yesterday and they reported that the demand for the extra large Airbus 380 is dropping to where they will only produce a single aircraft per month in the next year.

Apparently, the smaller, fuel efficient models sell like hotcakes.

That immediately sparked the following train of thought in my head: "well, makes sense, fossil fuel reserves are depleting, cars are most likely going electric, most trains already are, planes are... yeah, what is the plan for planes?

Does anyone know?

Guten Rutsch & a happy 20🇧🇷🇩🇪

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Yeah, that asshole doesn't help.
(and I don't mean Phil)

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Yeah, it's that time of year :)
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