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The Bus

my late contribution to #saturdaynightlight +SaturdayNightLight
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+John Fraser No, luckily at the end of my exposure, this bus approached alone the red traffic light, so I could get him so isolated.
Fantastic long time exposure shot ... really great !
moinsen, Dirk. Ich weiß nicht warum, aber deine Posts gehen in meinem Stream immer unter... darum hab ich mal kräftig nachgeplusst ^^
+Peter Gogolin Moinsen. Naja wir sind ja nicht wirklich in einer Zeitzone ;) +1 Bomben sind völlig OK. Mir gefällts.
hrhr, mal wieder unglaublich schöne Aufnahmen aus deiner Ecke! ^^
wow! I love this Dirk! amazing!! those light trails are wonderful!
Thank you Sandra. Checking / chatting with you guys over the day, forces me to be a good night photographer :P
Nice capture. Love light trail shots.
Very good, but no exactly a good ad for public transport:-)
Fantastic long exposure! I wish we had more vertical neon signs around here. I love how the bus is standing still among all the light trails!
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