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May I present to you ... my Kingdom

My buddy +Bryan Woodward is back in town for a week, and Wanchun and myself are very delighted to have him back for a week. With Bryan being an awesome photographer in his own right, I like to go with him to places to shot this beautiful city I call home.
After an amazing diner last night, we were looking for some spots to shot the area. I heard rumors of a beautiful spot overseeing this rather still newly build district. After speaking to six local taxi drivers who had no clue what I was talking about, we finally found a guy, who at least heard the same rumor. After 20 minutes driving up into the mountains, we finally hit a little dirt road which was just wide enough for a car to drive, and after meeting some young couple, we were directed to the right spot. When we came up there, we met just one other photographer, but a bunch of young couples enjoying the view. This spot is still largely unknown, and only recently have become famous in some circles, because a teenager TV series were doing some romantic scenes from here.
We had a hell of a night. And the air was full of love.

#saturdaynightlight +SaturdayNightLight #Nighscapes
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Dirk, no words enough to express the beauty of this image
awesome shot. where exactly did you take this - i suppose somewhere around 北投 or 芝山?
I got it! It's at 劍南山. The TV series is 我可能不會愛你.
Wow. What an exhilarating view! All those little dots of light... A night photographer's dream :)
Die jungen Paare wissen was gut ist :)
Wonderful view and shot!
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