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Thank you +五月天 MAYDAY official+ for making my girlfriend so excited. And my buddy +Bryan Woodward for making it happen. I owe you one ;)
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Expression of raw happiness :) ???
You bet ;) I will have difficulties to get her to sleep tonite. LOL
Kab Yaj
So +Bryan Woodward has all the Taiwanese celebrities hook ups? I have a 19 yo who would love to meet Jay Chou; it has been her dream. So Bryan, can you?

Dirk, she looks ecstatic!
LOL, sadly +Kab Yaj, I don't have it like that :) But if he happens to drop by the 'plex, I'll keep this convo in mind :)
+Kab Yaj well I needed to hide it ;) Shopping for candles worshipping this was freaking me out a little ;) (just kidding)
+Bryan Woodward Not yet. But I have a feeling you will be the person to know, when it comes to Taiwanese celebrities. LOL
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