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Dirk Groenen

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Proud owner of one of Honeywell's thermostats and a little bit sad about the fact that they don't have an API to control it? Well don't be sad! It turns out you can easily use their unofficial API.
About a month ago I moved into my new home. As I wrote a month earlier I was planning to put some nice home automation in it. Right now I’ve got two running Raspberry Pis; one for the home automation (PiLight) and one for the...
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Dirk Groenen

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I've started a new personal project: building my own home assistant. One I can talk to, answers my questions and controls home equipment. 

I'll be writing a blog series on all my findings and struggles and today I've published the first. It's all about text-to-speech and visa versa. #homeautomation #tts #stt
It has been almost three years ago since I’ve moved and I remember well having the intentions to create my own home assistant back then. Unfortunately duo a lack of free time it never really happened. Now, three years later, ...
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Dirk Groenen

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Anyone using #mopidy  in combination with #mopify ? I'm going to create a new version with some major changes and I would like to hear of you have any feedback or suggestions! You can check the article on my blog.
After promising it for a long time I’ve finally decided to get started on Mopify 2.0 (which won’t be named Mopify). To make this version even more awesome I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas.documents contains the...
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Thanks man, glad to hear you like it :)
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Dirk Groenen

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New blog post about setting up a simple, but killer, cache setup with #nginx, #php5-fpm and #fastcgi.
Besides my love for developing I’m also a pretty big fan of servers. I think that at least every back- and front-end developer should know the basics about web servers. A bit like the opinion of how every front-end designer s...
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Dirk Groenen

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In case anyone likes #unsplash as much as I do and doesn't like looking at the same wallpaper every day: check this little script!  #gnome 
So once in a while I have the urge to write something else than the usual web languages. As a big fan of using (Arch) Linux on my systems I usually trap myself writing a simple bash script to perform ‘some task’ I’m missing o...
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Dirk Groenen

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Little blog post about Pinterest's new official API and my PHP wrapper.
Yes, the day has finally arrived: Pinterest released their official API including a (bit buggy) documentation!
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Dirk Groenen

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Little insight on my first #angularjs   #mopidy  project called Mopify. For the creative people who don't want to read the full article: I'm also looking for a new name for Mopify.. :)
In 2013 I moved on my own and one of the things I definitely wanted in my new apartment was something that would enable me to control my music anywhere in the place. Of course, the first thing I thought about was Sony’s Sonos...
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