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Crafting and DIY fun.
Crafting and DIY fun.

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Because I'm bored - 50 Questions with Directions Not Included

Seeing that I’m laid out with not much I can do, my dear bloggy friend Cassie decided to nominate me for a 50 questions post. Considering I had all these posts lined up and forgot to schedule,  this is probably a good thing. Also a good thing is that this…

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a different kind of renovation - bunion surgery

Hi there from the comfort of my sofa. This is a different kind of renovation post –  a little reconstruction to get myself back in working order.I had bunion surgery on my left foot today, it was actually surgery on the big toe and my pinky since I had…

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this is halloween - diy halloween tree tutorial. are you ready for halloween?

Quite some time ago I pinned this awesome Halloween tree. I kept going back to it on my Halloween board for inspiration, and then finally realized it was Gretchen’s from Boxy Colonial’s. She scored this amazing tree at a thrift store for next to nothing…

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5th birthday celebration - streamer birthday decorations and more. colorful, simple, and impactful.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’m that sucker of a friend who always ends up doing the decor for parties, wedding, showers and the like. My girlfriend Z, started pinning all sorts of things for her daughter’s 5th birthday, which I decided  to tackle…

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we did it - we made a diy midcentury console table all by ourselves. and it look great too. come check it out.

A few weeks ago I shared the start of our DIY Midcentury console table. I was all ready to have a step-by-step tutorial on how we built it. That is not the easiest thing to do when you have company throughout the process. And it is also not the easiest…

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this is halloween - knock off pottery barn chalkboard tombstone tutorial. so easy this shouldn't be a blog post.

Welcome to another day in the This is Halloween Series. Are you getting ready yet?  Yes, I skipped last week – it was a nutty work week, but I’m back on schedule. While this is such an easy one, I’m almost embarrassed to share it, I”m sharing it anyway,…

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find out how to make your votes actually count! request for votes - rm pottery martha stewart american made awards finalist.

So this is a shameless beg for votes. My amazing husband, Ray of RM Pottery, is finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards. He has an actual shot at winning in his category, which would give us a lot of publicity for his ceramics business. Can I…

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I recreated my favorite fabric wreath with a colorful twist

I made a few fabric wreaths years ago for a baby shower that were an instant hit. A girlfriend of mine suckered me into doing her daughter’s fifth birthday party by sending me a ton of pins of things she wanted to buy, but I knew were easy DIY projects.…

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We are building a DIY midcentury console table for our family room. Come check out phase 1 of the project!

A few weeks ago I shared I was playing student in the sculpture studio at Ray’s university. Playing with major power tools is scary, but fun at the same time. Ever since we upgraded the family room sofas, I knew we needed to get a console table for the…

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this is halloween - diy haunted mansion sign

Since it is no surprise that I’m a huge Halloween fan, it should be no surprise that my favorite ride at Walt Disney World is the Haunted Mansion. No matter how long the line, I must go on it at least once every time we go to Disney. Ray shakes his head…
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