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To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield
To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield


I flashed official MoKee for Xperia L (taoshan). Everything looks so cool apart from the quality of the call. Most of the times, I can listen to the other person over a phone call, but clarity of my voice to the person on the other end varies. Sometimes I am clearly heard, sometimes the voice fades down, sometimes I am not heard at all. Did someone else face this problem with MoKee? I am loving it so much that I don't really want to go back to stock. Any help is highly appreciated.

I have installed TWRP on FOTAkernel partition of my Xperia L (taoshan) using the official app. How can I boot into TWRP? Seems `adb reboot recovery` boots me in to stock, in-boot recovery. I tried pressing volume up+power button while turning the phone on, but the Android OS boots up as usual.

Are these downloads ( for taoshan tested? I extracted the boot.img from and tried to boot it by issuing `fastboot boot boot.img`. The devices gets internally disconnected, fastboot says OK, still the screen remains dark and nothing visible happened. The LED was glowing blue and power button did not respond. I had to take out and put the battery back to bring the phone back to an working state.

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I am running Xperia L on stock ROM. To install MoKee, I need to have TWRP installed. However, according to official TWRP page (, a custom ROM with elf_extract_ramdisk feature is needed to boot up TWRP. It's a kind of deadlock situation. MoKee needs TWRP and vice-versa. How should I proceed?

Xperia L has that in-boot recovery thing. If I flash TWRP on my stock Xperia L, do I need to immediately flash MoKee? If I don't flash MoKee immediately, is it just like I can't boot into TWRP or phone will become unusable until I flash MoKee? It should be the former, still I want to confirm first.

Where do I find the instruction to compile MoKee for a particular device, e.g. Xperia L (taoshan)?

To install MoKee (on Xperia L), is it necessary to have TWRP installed?

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Hi Friends,

I have just joined this community, overwhelmed by the activity and support here. On the official download page, I can't find any official build for Sony Xperia L (taoshan), but I can see people using it. Is that an unofficial build of AICP Nougat or am I missing locate the official build?

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While initializing CM repo from local mirror, the command you are issuing is:
repo init -u file:///Volumes/Android/mirrors/cyanogenmod-mirror/ -b cm-10.1

How's it going to obtain manifest.xml file?
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