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Dion V

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Seth: The Right Moment

Another thinking thought from +Seth Godin

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Dion V

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Very clever commercial

Watch the whole thing. Really.
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Dion V

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BC set to allow industry into protected parks?

Um, wth are they thinking?

Letting industry dictate how provincial parklands are used?

Hey, +David duChemin and +Karin Nelson, what say you?
"The passage of Bill 4, known as the Park Amendment Act, will make way for industrial incursions into provincial parklands including energy extraction, construction of pipelines and industry-led research."
"The government has sent a clear signal that it is open to having pipelines cut through our globally renowned protected areas," said Al Martin of the B.C. Wildlife Federation. "The Act will now allow industrial expansion in some of B.C.'s most beloved parks, placing them at risk."
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Stop this maddens 
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Dion V

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Teabeard The Pirate

As you may know if you've read previous posts, Nelson lost an eye when he was young.

Recently +Danielle Cressman thought that he might look good with an eye patch.

He didn't like it much.

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Dion V
Well, Nelson likes his tea. On the dresser in the hall. In the morning. With milk. And sweetener.

When it's made properly he laps it up so enthusiastically that it splashes all over the place, and ends up on his chin, too. Hence, Teabeard.
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Dion V

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Fascinating read for those of us who actually try to follow the (twisted) rules of English.

(Hey +Tigger Jourard!)
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Dion V

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The Dread Pirate Teabeard and his Bootie

Lately, Nelson has taken to laying on +Danielle Cressman while she's napping.

Yesterday he nuzzled right up, hugged her, and kneaded, and loved her.

She looked at me and commented that he's got his Bootie (which is her family nickname).

Yesterday was particularly rough, as her brain would not shutdown Friday night. It's tax season, so she has a pile of tax returns to do for her clients. Plus she had an appointment on Saturday morning (which she generally doesn't do) for a new client. All of that just kept spinning around, until at 4:30am she gave up, got up, and started working.

After her appointment, she came home and worked more. Finally, around 1pm, she crashed. Mainly because Winston, Daisy, and Nelson ganged up and kitty-vibed her until she lay down and rested.

These pics were taken about two hours later, when Nelson decided it was time for her to wake up, and started nuzzling and kneading.

(I'm kind of hoping G+ will AutoAwesome these pics)

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Well, I think you are gorgeous as is :-)  Feel it, work it, and then pass it on to your daughter!!  You are both so lovely, and yet do not realize it.  And yes, laughing is good (along with the telltale signs).
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Dion V

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Thrifty Star Wars Paintings

Absolutely love the creativity in this. Talking about hitting a niche market.

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Dion V

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Is It Better? Or Just More?

From the incomparable +Seth Godin comes today's thought-provoking piece.

Are you making it better?
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Dion V

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Farscape turns 15

It never did huge numbers, and never garnered the critical acclaim of fellow space opera BSG — but history needs to hold a space for Crichton and his crew of alien outlaws.
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+Kevin P, still haven't gotten into Buffy. I am sure I will be lynched for saying this on the innernets ;-)
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Dion V

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Yay Chrysta Rae

If you haven't discovered +Chrysta Rae yet, you're missing out. This down-to-earth Canuck rocks. Congrats on the billboard shot!
My interior shot is ON A BILLBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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+Chrysta Rae, you must be so very, very proud! Nothing beats seeing your work presented to the world in a large way. Congrats to you:-)
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I spent much of my adult life working in the computer industry, first as a systems administrator, then in telephone tech support. In 2011, I burned out and went for a career reset. Don't get me wrong, I still love technology and geek out over gadgets and software, but I just can't handle resolving everyone else's computer issues anymore.

While reviewing my options I realized that one of the things I had been doing since I was a kid was taking pictures, so I decided to pursue photography. Still working on that.

Other interests include audio recording and videography. I haven't done much with those, yet. Although in May 2012 I did begin volunteering at our local Rogers TV Community Television station, where I have been learning camera operation, audio, and aim to get into video editing, too.

After an incomplete Project 52 in 2011 (partly due to burning out my camera, partly due to life), I completed a self-directed Project 52 in 2012. For 2013 I am participating in the #WeeklyPhotoProject2013 curated by +112047518791547423051 , +109674480414473952661 and  +104350419422550122115 (+117783067636860808623). I am also working on a very loose Project 365.

I also have an interest in developing a podcast, but as of March 1, 2013 when this profile is being written, I have not come up with a solid idea. The year is still young, though.

If you've read this far, thank you for your patience. This is the most I've written about myself in, well, ever. Google+ is a great community, and I am thankful to be a part of it.

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Have been using Witlox Automotive for close to a decade now. Three different vehicles, multiple techs, always good service. The few hiccups that have occurred (they are only human after all) have been dealt with swiftly. All of the staff have been friendly and courteous to us. Highly recommended to anyone who asks us about a mechanic.
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