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Ever tried Maple syrup with spaghetti bolognese? Don't.
Ever tried Maple syrup with spaghetti bolognese? Don't.

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The University of Sydney campus infrastructure services is correct in identifying that the potential habitat within the campus for Megaptera novaeangilae is, well ... none.

echo 'USE="magic"' >> /etc/portage/make.conf

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Absolutely incredible! 
I'm happy to share this early video trailer of the future new  #Blender  Foundation open movie project.  I'm a part of this new project ( Art director for Paris studio "Autour de Minuit" ). Thanks for all of you who funded Sintel, Tears of Steel and others in the past. This one will be much larger ; a full lenght movie, 12 Blender studio around the world, Blender cloud  !  we need your support more than ever to make it , thanks in advance ! 
link :

#b3d  #gooseberry

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Can't wait to get this implemented in vtemplate
PSR-0 vs. PSR-4

Have you heard of the new PSR-4 autoloading standard? It's in draft stage and being voted on. For an explanation on what it does and how it should work in contrast with PSR-0, read +Bruno Škvorc's newest article.

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This. This is exactly why we cannot judge aesthetics with the same priority most designers place on it. Design needs a better objective than "pretty". 
I am having a lot of fun re-discovering KDE in OpenSuse.  

Back in the day, before the 4.0 bomb was dropped, I was a huge fan of KDE 3.5x.  When the Big Change came along, I was miffed enough to take a good look at Gnome and adapt it for use within Reglue.

Well, it seems that the Gnome development team wasn't paying attention in history class and they pulled the same change-O-roo that KDE did with 4.0 but to a much larger extent.

So, we at Reglue have incorporated OpenSuse 12.3 for testing, and it has so far passed our needs test.  Specifically we will be using the LiFe-Education spin for our Reglue computers.  We will however wait until the 13.1 release is stable as it is the next Evergreen project and we really like the LTS philosophy.

All of that aside, in the days of KDE 3.X, my everyday theme was one that had a consistent dark metal appearance.  I'm probably the only one out of any 100 users that likes this sort of thing so imagine my surprise when I found a qtcurve style mod called Venom.  While the venom.qtcurve is available on, unfortunately the plasma and the .colors theme bring up a 404 error when clicked.

That's fine though...this gives me enough to work with.  Beauty in the eye and all of that.  I'm using this on my home and work machines that run KDE.  The only alterations I've made is lightening the progress bar to a brighter shade of red and widening the scroll bars so I can see them easily.  My next project is to find out how to change the black text in my Dolphin left panel.  The shadowing makes it a bit hard to read.

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Just wanted to share my project in building a robotic swarm with blender

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Check out the most awesome web development company in the world!

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How to build a website CMS properly: let clients edit content appropriately!
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