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Not for me

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More details on the status of the Google Nexus 7 2 4g LTE

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The 4G LTE version of the Google Nexus 7 2 is now showing on the Google Play store, though it is listed as "Coming Soon" - the first official sign from Google

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Happy facts

- A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance
- Humans laugh before they know how to speak. Our sense of humor is one of the first things we communicate to the world. 
- Cows have best friends. (
- Cancer death rates down 20% in past 20 years (
- A prison in Washington pairs up "death row" shelter cats with select inmates as part of a rehabilitation program. It seems to be a pretty wonderful thing for both the inmates and the cats. (
- On April 1st, 1957, a BBC news program ended with a three minute segment about a Spaghetti farm in Switzerland. In the segment, spaghetti (not being a popular dish in England at the time) was said to grow on trees. Many people believed the report and called the BBC to ask how to grow their own spaghetti tree. The response: "Place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best."
- The miles traveled by the Apollo 11 crew to the Moon were greater than every exploration mission to the new world combined. Makes you think how much is out there for us to discover.
- The island of Zakynthos is one of the few places in Greece whose Jewish population entirely survived World War II - the local bishop and mayor, when asked by the occupying Nazis for a list of Jews on the island, provided a list which included only their own names, Mayor Carrer and Bishop Christodoulos. The islanders successfully concealed the 275 Jews on the island.
- Cuddling and other "love actions" release Oxytocin which helps speed healing and recovery from physical wounds.
- Penguins only have one mate their entire life. They also "propose" by giving their mate a pebble. They work hard on finding the best pebble and give it to their lady friend.
- There is always a food you havent tried
- Blind people smile - bear in mind, they've never seen smiling and have no reference for it. Smiling is a natural human reaction for happiness.
- On the day of his assassination, Martin Luther King Jr. had a pillowfight in his motel room. (
- For someone, somewhere in the world, today is the most amazing day of their life.
- The actors who play JD and Turk from Scrubs (Zach Braff and Donald Faison) are best friends in real life.
- Spiders and scorpions don't fly!
- Somewhere in an alternate universe, you're Batman.
- Otters hold hands when sleeping so they dont drift away from each other.
- Potatoes can be prepared literally dozens of delicious ways.

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The new Google Nexus 7 2 is now available for sale.  It is, sadly, NOT the version with 4G LTE  :(

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New book by Guy Kawasaki
Free copies of What the Plus!, courtesy of Google. Please share this post so as many people as possible can get a copy.

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These guys are all over New England these days, just look over the lamp posts on the highways.  Never saw them when I was a kid
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