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I did mine, how about you. This is the go to site of the internet, the one we rely one. Drop the price of a cup of coffee (or, two or three) and make the world a better place. 

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Been there, and done the donation. It's not a bad way to make children smile with a letter, we all tend to spend to much time behind the screen. Let the kids know about the effort and support the case. 

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I actually do remember my first computer. I was one of the late commers to the Computer World; I actually bought a 386SX 16 MhZ Clone PC, with a 60 mb disk and colour screen.
It was about one of the coolest things these days. 

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Actually pretty exited about the integration between Box and BB10 - hope the product will soon release and that we get our hand on it soon. 
If the integrations is as good as (better) than what we have seen on the play-book  local storage is a story from the past. 

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Still one of the best ad's ever seen. 

Who can resist these hamsters. 

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Are we getting closer?- It’s complicated! .... Dammit, as said before - nobody beside and above, the rest are inferior. 
Tim Christensen - is about the best kept secret of this nation. 

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Quite happy getting back to AbiWord - Finally a Word processor who does not have a mind of it's own. 
I can work, edit, modify and excel in my day to day actions - without interference from tools, suggests and other stuff. 

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Phising i min mailbox
Nogle gange, kan man jo blive imponeret over hvor ringe disse Phising forsøg er; for dem der kan læse dansk, så er disse fejl i ordstilling og som man siger på dansk, det er svært at finde ”hoved og hale” i denne melding. 

Jeg ved jo (grundet mit job) at der desværre jo er folk der falder for denne Phising, det er mig en gåde hvorfor folk ukritisk tror på ting der lander i deres inbox / kommer som link til facebook med mere. 

Multi-tasking - is not really what it seems to be. :-)
Being terrible at 3 tasks (simultaneously) is not the same as being excellent at a single task. keep focus, and you will exceed expectations. 
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