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#ifihadglass I'd use it to explore the strategic two-way possibilities for collaboration amongst an ecosystem of workers, suppliers, business partners, and customers. The potential to go well beyond consumption is huge!
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This is a well thought out proposal with enormous possibilities. I hope #ifihadglass  takes your application into serious consideration.
+Dion Hinchcliffe think about the potential for enterprise learning. #ifihadglass  I would definitely hit the enterprise. Lots of potential (and budget) there. Great thought. 
It's a good vision +Samuel Driessen that's quite close to what I was suggesting in this visual. Frankly, I suspect many workplaces aren't quite ready for Glass yet, but there are certainly a lot of job descriptions that could be improved by it, like stock traders, medical diagnosticians, analysts of all kinds, and operational staff that need constant situational awareness.
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