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Dion Hinchcliffe
Chief Strategy Officer, business strategist, enterprise architect, keynote speaker, book author, blogger, & consultant on #socbiz & next-gen enterprises.
Chief Strategy Officer, business strategist, enterprise architect, keynote speaker, book author, blogger, & consultant on #socbiz & next-gen enterprises.

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New Post: A new generation of CIO thinking emerges. Wherein I attempt to summarize where I think we're going with the evolution of IT and business.

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What are the best practices and key lessons learned in enterprise social collaboration so far? I'll be debating what these are tomorrow in a major online event at 9/14 at noon ET with +Tony Byrne at his most cantankerous (or provocative, we don't know which yet.)

There's still time to sign up. Hope to see you and bring your toughest questions.

cc +James Davidson +Lee Bryant +David Terrar +Sameer Patel +Ellen Feaheny

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New Post: What's the organizing principle for today's digital workplace. I take a look at the four common models are used successfully, as well as one that doesn't seem to work.

Short version: Social business and communities are at the top end, but a new emergent digital workplace is coming into its own.

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Be sure to catch myself and +Tony Byrne in a live online Town Hall Debate on September 14th at Noon EDT.

We'll be wrestling with the hot questions on the digital workplace and enterprise social networks, including topics like "Why do we still have e-mail, is that good or bad?", "What are the best practices that actually work?", "What are the secrets to gaining adoption and sustained traction?"

Bring your questions + your challenges. Hope to see you there.

cc +Real Story Group +7Summits +Rob Hogervorst +James Davidson +Paul Stillmank +Ted Colpo

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What are the most important channels for digital experience and engagement today? I made a detailed examination of this on ZDNet this weekend, from online community and APIs to Internet of Things and virtual reality.

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How can we make the technology landscape of our workplaces more engaging, supportive, rewarding, and less confusing? A) Move away from a one-size-fits-all mentality and embrace an ecosystem of tools aligned with your workers various needs and personas. B) Create a better 'front door' for your digital tools. I explored this in detail on ZDNet over the weekend:

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My latest examination of +IBM's enterprise collaboration vision and strategy from a conversation with IBM's product manager for collaboration, Ed Brill. If you're a large company, IBM's collaboration solutions will likely be on your short list to consider. My analysis of what they have and where it will take you today.

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Looking forward to my conversation with the Sean McCormack, CTO of one of the U.S.'s most storied brands, Harley-Davidson. Watch us this Friday at 3pm ET.

I'll be co-hosting the show with +CXOTalk founder +Michael Krigsman. Hope you'll join us and ask Sean some good questions via Twitter.

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It was terrific to host my first +CXOTalk episode today with ING Bank's #CIO  Ron van Kemenade. We talked #innovation , #devops , collaborative IT organizations, #fintech , and much more in a wide ranging chat with the IT leaders of one of the largest financial services organizations in the world.

A big thanks to executive producer and #CXOTalk  founder +Michael Krigsman for making it happen.

Watch the whole show:
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