Some pictures with clean lens with camera app of 4.4.2.
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Looks pretty good. whould you say that notice an improvement?
The first pictures is just to everybody see how configured was camera app in the following pictures. None of them was saved using HDR as the file of the picture don´t mention it.

+Matt Sanders , +jacob redfield 
I wonder if this is a firmware or an app change. I would think if it's an app change they would have just used the play store.
Either way, can't wait to install it.
4.4.2 Camera app - 
4.4 Camera app -

Please let me not be dyslexic... lol
I rarely if ever use the flash on the X. My pics come out with a bluish tint.
Yeah.... Glad you can see an improvement. The biggest change in the app is fixing HDR in low light. The lower noise is a result of dialing back on luma gain per all of your feedback. I noticed that flash fired in 2 of your 3 shots so that's why those shots were a bit darker. Thanks for posting!
+Ari Herman Good question. I though it was not HDR because it always mention in files name when it was.
I may have confused this conversation... ;-)  You all were asking what's new in this revision of the app and the main thing we fixed was an HDR bug.  HDR has to be forced on in low light because it more prone to motion blur.  Some users were forcing HDR on and it would lock up camera... that issue has been fixed in latest release.  Everyone is correct that these photos are not HDR- it would show in the file name.  Guess next time I shouldn't reply so late at night when my brain isn't fully functioning. ;-)
+Michelle Gattuso can I assume that becuase you changed the luma settings that this is related to the clear pixel technology and hence the firmware? If not, can you please release the new camera app to the play store so us Americans can enjoy it too.
+Ari Herman yes unfortunately it's firmware... You will have to wait. Trust me, I want it out as badly as all of you want it.
Yes, but unlike us... you probably have some good connections who can hook you up ;-)
Glad to see the lens not flaring as bad. Thanks for taking pics of a light source. 
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