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#chromies, any cool tricks you found on Chromebook recently with Google Drive integration? +François Beaufort +François Bacconnet +Pedram Jabbari +Warren L 
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I found nothing special about Drive but the Trackpad options have changed.
Three finger swipe to switch between Google drive and download folders
I really like Drag & Drop files between Downloads and Google Drive folders also if you don't want GDrive, you can disable it through chrome://chrome/settings/search#drive 
The ability to set Google Drive as your Default Location for your Downloads is pretty cool ;)
1. Download folder is part of google drive >> no local store, (at least on front end)
2. Download folder is not part of Gdrive >> you have local storage.. 
Actually, I think (and I could be wrong here) that a file "dowloaded in Google Drive" will be available in your Chromebook (aka available offline) and then uploaded to your Google Drive.
hmm.. man I get really really frustrated these days about Google not releasing Chromebooks here... 
I know how frustrating it could be to wait but I guess it's part of the "game" :)
lol.... that smilee at the end speak something ;)
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