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Remember "bolt" chromebook that I told you all about? I was not 100% sure if it had a touchscreen. But today, I can confirm that it sure does.
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Ian Ray
Bolt was the haswell?
Want!. Any idea if it will be released this year? My Win7 laptop is dying, but will hold on if this is coming out shortly.
A Haswell device would suit me fine over an ARM system. I wonder if this is just a Pixel refresh or a totally new device. 
+Ian Cummings May be they are ambitious looking at how the Nexus project has evolved. It took 4 iterations of nexus devices to reach where they are now. With laptop computers, Chrome OS can do it may be on a second or third iteration. 

What do you think?
wow.. i tip my hat to you finding crumbs in the code.. that's some tedious work.  Have you found anything regarding the arm refresh?  I'm really sold on it myself.
Yep, I'm hopeful that devices will fulfill our dreams in few iterations, but also I have to be patient
boards? plural?  score!  if the new Haswell provides the performance/battery life/no fan I'll be happy to try it.  sARMsung's best features are how lite and silent it is.. 
+Ian Cummings I think they will.  So many of the gaps have been closing.  We have Bluetooth audio support now, office doc's editing which is #1 question when i try to pimp-the-chrome, netflix support.. Many of those wish list items i remember when first coming here have been crossed off.  Exciting times :)
ahhh.. A+ for the effort  :) 

as long as there is at least one
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