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Dinosaur news, information, destinations and much more
Dinosaur news, information, destinations and much more

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Allosaurus: Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong

There's an enormous body of publications & discussions on the anatomy & behavior of Allosaurus. Let's talk about it!

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The Jurassic Park Podcast: 87 - Jurassic World: Regenesis & Canon w/ Jack Ewins + News + Martin Ferrero Audio!

In Episode 87 we have a ton of new from the next film, collecting, and fan creations. We follow that up with a great chat with Jack Ewins, fellow podcaster, writer, and author!

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Mark Witton's Pteranogeddon - Analysis - Thagomizers

Critical analysis of "Pteranogeddon" by Mark Witton.

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InGeneral Podcast - Episode 48 - Hold Onto Your Butts

Jack, Chris and Ryan speculate over the UK filming schedules and brief scene descriptions and give our take on what some sequences may contain!

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Mounting Original Bones - Dinosaur Nerds

See how we build steel armatures for original bones.

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Jurassic Park Toilet Guy Accepts Lifetime Achievement Award

Jimmy Kimmel wanted to take a moment to honor someone who gave what might be the greatest performance in the history of cinema.

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I Know Dino: Rajasaurus - Episode 115

Dinosaur news and dinosaur of the day Rajasaurus, an abelisaurid theropod with an unusual head crest.

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The Jurassic Park Podcast: 86 - The Game Trail - Jurassic Park: The Game w/ @AaronDBeyer, @ChrisCrossMedia & @Jaye_Jurassick!

Aaron Beyer, Chris from ChrisCrossMedia, and Jaye Jurassick break down the 2011 release of Telltale Games, Jurassic Park: The Game.

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Jurassic Park: The Lost World Parasaurolophus Maquette

We are proud to share with you this Stan Winston maquette, recast from the original production used Parasaurolophus.

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Dinosaurs: Juvenile, adult or senior?

Palaeontologists estimate by means of bone structures whether a particular dinosaur fossil is a young, adult or very old animal.
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