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Dino Nicotera
La sconfitta è un'eleganza per l'ipocrisia di chi si arrende in partenza
La sconfitta è un'eleganza per l'ipocrisia di chi si arrende in partenza

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Operazione 40 sfumature di verde

Non sono una persona che tende molto a festeggiare le ricorrenze, ma questa cifra così particolare meritava un po' di riguardo.
Mi sarebbe piaciuto festeggiare con i miei amici di Ingress, compagni di mille avventure... e cosa c'era di meglio di una bella OP?
Il problema è che le OP bisogna saperle organizzare ed io non ne sono capace.
Solo una cosa sapevo... il nome : "40 sfumature di verde" .
Il tempo passava ed il giorno del compleanno si avvicinava, non stavo più nemmeno a pensare all'eventuale OP...
Ma una sera, in una farm ad Asti improvvisata all'ultimo momento, incontro Pingu e parlando del più e del meno mi racconta che aveva in mente un OP da circa 46 strati...
46 strati?!? Subito mi si illuminano gli occhi e gli chiedo se poteva adattarla e farla da 40! Pingu accetta ed inizia l'avventura!
Farm chiavi, incontri, reclutamenti... Giorno dopo giorno l'OP si stava delineando...
Domenica 5 Marzo CP delle 01:00.
Circa un'ora prima incominciamo, via i cross, vai con la base e via!
Layer dopo layer, anno dopo anno, si creava l'OP... 29, 30, 31... 39... e... STOP!
Un puffettino non voleva farmi entrare negli anta! ADA di qua, ADA di là, ed i layer andavano giù.
Ma doveno essere 40, Pingu e Redenzio riaccendono i portali e si riprende...
37... 38... 39... e.... QUARANTA!

Grazie a tutti ragazzi, grazie dal vostro vecchio di merda!
Grazie ai ragazzi sul campo, grazie a Pingu per tutto, grazie al grandissimo operatore ShinIce!

40 layer
38.310.116 MU
3 medaglie nere Illuminator

Operatore :

Agenti coinvolti :

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Voi c'avete il ciclo! 😂😂😂

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Non avrei mai detto che alle 3:50 di notte la frase più bella da sentire potesse essere "il link dalla Francia è up", e che potesse essere battuta alle 3:59 da "ha saltato!"
Dopo una settimana a difendere quel target a tutte le ore del giorno e della notte abbiamo aperto un corridoio impossibile (e chi ha mai giocato dentro Roma sa che non dico per dire) e conquistato Roland Jarvis per la nostra fazione.
Grazie a tutti, ai miei compagni di gioco di Roma, a quelli che ci sono venuti a dare una mano da tutta Italia, a quelli che si sono fatti la nottata sulle isole sperdute del Tirreno, agli agenti francesi, agli operatori, a quelli che hanno aspettato svegli solo per vedere se ce la facevamo...
Per dirla con John Hannibal Smith: vado matto per i piani ben riusciti!
Daje daje daje
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Dino ti ha regalato un buono Uber da € 10). Per utilizzarlo, registrati tramite questo link:

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This is our crazy story of our crazy love. In this video are some pictures from our ingress trips and adventures. Thanks to +Ingress​ we met and live this beautiful memories.

+Maria Rosaria Sola​ you are my exceptional coccoala!


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Con un tocco di Calabria!
Enlightened United - UNITED WE STAND!


Friday, January 13, 2017 - We crashed Niantic’s servers!

750 agents participated in Operation Enlightened United. The operation consisted of two project managers, 82 contacts, 29 captains, hundreds of local agents and one year of planning.
It all started with Enlightened Exodus - a tour of “city flips” in Sweden. All the contacts that were later to form the basis for Enlightened United were established during Exodus. Halfway into the Exodus tour, we started work on the United project. An idea that was not only totally crazy, but also unfeasible and inoperable, and which we should have rejected on all counts immediately….but, we strongly believe that all impossible challenges are meant to be tested!

As days turned into weeks, we watched United grow as an increasing number of cities around the target portal were also included. Soon to be followed by even more countries! An increase in cities required more keys and the key farming, which started on a small scale by a small group of dedicated agents from Trosa, Sweden, would be nowhere near enough. The result of our first key farm was 127 keys ... 20,500 was the final sum!
During the summer, agent Fladder and I spent almost all of our spare time under the "Oaxen Klockan" portal. After coming down with sunstroke on a particularly hot day, I finally burst out, "We can’t do this! We need more agents!"
The vision was to gather 20 agents for one day to hack keys for the target portal. We ended up with 45 agents …for two days…with a barbecue, archery and a line dancing lesson! A true-to-life Farmer’s Market. During the Farmer’s Market we became Enlightened United and the project entered its next phase.

To turn United from a vision to reality we needed key farmers, transporters, contacts and captains, keys in MUFG capsules, gear hackers and carriers, hundreds of local players, party committees, carriers, cars and drivers, link destoyers, PR group, linkers, decoy participants and much much more. The organization was huge!
OPSEC during the project was rigorous. Some agents didn’t even know the scope of the operation when GO went out in Zello. Reports of a leak were discussed with the contact group and we all agreed on the decision - we would continue and we were even more determined to pull the project off! Nothing could stop us, we were all ready and good to go!

During the final weeks of the project, large numbers of the participants worked with decoy operations in the form of starbursts, multi-layer fields, decay areas, blocking fields, as well as the multi-layer BAF built with the target portal as anchor. We called that "BAFore United".

United Day
The entire island was scanned to see if we had any Smurfs on-site and every car was checked against the registration office for cityregistration, all cars came from the island Oaxen. OP spent a day on the island and soon realized that they had forgotten to bring coffee. Almost reason to cancel the entire project! Agent iCrille came to the rescue and sent over a packet of coffee with the ferry. He saved United!
Clean-up work, which had been progressing across the United geographical field for many days, intensified before GO. Three ready calls were sent via Zello to eleven corridor channels, which in turn had their own Zello channels.
At 9 pm we communicated that United was to become reality in two hours. Two ferries arriving to the island still had to be checked and everyone was reminded to drive sensibly and safely during the night operation.
Agents MrBodin and drstein were heroes as they helped the Smurf with a breakdown car during the evening. The agents of course played ignorant and as thanks for helping, they were given a lesson in Ingress by the Smurf car owners! They escorted the Smurf car and owners home safely…and several hours later, they were world champions!
The final ready call was sent at 10.40pm and now the last ferry had anchored for the night. There were no Smurfs present on the island and everyone was instructed to standby ...
Shortly before GO, a problem arose between Gotland and Öland. A link blocked Poland from creating their links and agent drOsmos travelled on icy roads to the southern tip of Gotland. He destroyed the blocking link and although a field was created soon afterwards between the two islands, Poland was still able to get their links through.
The target portal was flipped at 11 pm and OP sent the command DESTROY LINKS – CREATE LINKS! Several hundred synchronized links were received immediately from all directions.
On GO, agent Fladder linked some carefully selected blockers from the target portal creating a route, i.e. a corridor, for example to Gothenburg. It didn’t take long before the first spoofer attacker appeared, but some one had sent a level 3 spoofer who is unable to flip the target portal, and nearly a thousand people recharged the target portal simultaneously.
A blocker prevented large cities in Finland from participating and we sincerely apologize for the glitch.

At 00.30 am, 90 minutes after the start, we announced that Enlightened United had reached a new world record, but we continued to link.
At 1.30 am we passed the old record with 2,000 links and this is when Niantic’s servers could no longer cope. #WebrokeIngress . It took two days before Ingress was working as normal again.

The total number of links landed at 8,163. The record attempt had long been reported to the Guinness Book of Records and we are now awaiting their verdict.
Our organization had the potential and planning for all 20,500 keys. Niantic’s capacity could not meet our aspirations and today we know what the limit of links to one portal is. We contacted Niantic countless times before United to announce what was about to happen. They never got back to us.

To all Smurfs out there… it's ok - you can cry.

Links: 8,163
Longest link: 718 km
Available keys: 20,500
Participating countries: 7 (Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland)
Participating agents: 750 registrants before we closed down the registration form
Contact persons: 82
Captains: 29
Project manager: 2
Project planning: One year

We got united, we stood united, we are ENLIGHTENED UNITED!

Thanks to agent hhoppo for translation!

CP:@soomaalane @Harakas
OP:@KannaEst @soend @Zialo

@1secureid @Achilleus1 @AdiKingEST @Alksy @Atheya @Bad0g @blackravi @BloodyHairyMary @Cat3y3 @Citymimm @Cnuffy @DeggyDhy @DonStone @EminemENL @es1tu @Esseker5 @EthanHuntEST @Filmifanaatik @filx @Fireberg @Fondestsilver @Fredegunde @Fullspeed20 @GloobusEST @Hundu @IamZeuz @ImCookieBear @ireleh @irual @Jaajog @jaak1 @juunior @Kaarelj @kadakas @kapy4 @kauri @ketzub @Konnaator @Krige @KukimukiEST @Latvijas @LaughterHouse @Libakonn @liivov @Linnuke @LostMorning @Lumepardel @Margushenka @Marto86 @meelegaas @meridee @munarebu @Negatiivi @Niidirull @NunnuEST @p2kapik @p6ts @parmuke @PinkChic @PiraatEST @Pistrik @Potza @priits @Printsess @qnb @redbeardEST @Ristiisa @RoosaPanter @Rylailina @sand14 @Satira777 @Sayusuli @SgtSiki @ShilkinS @sircu @stetoskoop @sulg88 @Taaks @Taavi305 @TanelKarimoisa @Terroristikhein @Tigetikker @TrikkEST @Trixen @Vanakuri @Vello345 @Vihmakass @Vilistaja @wat39 @wdiotr @xxOverDoSexx @zng


OP/TL:@Sciurus @Ronde @Fjollmeister @Dopitus @singulariteetti @Eskoreinari @1jone @KiKiErm

@ADMIRALecuador @Anaplian @apagubben @Chertograd @CoolFrood @cutec @Denismus @eesau @Elaenia @ephemer @Eracage @evirdrevo @Femur @Fisukingi @Friado @Frigg @Gatraxx @Gentianella @Gkaar @Hejcki @Hopiz007 @illuxor @Irica @Janitta @JertKu @jopasNytOn @joroi @Jperho81 @Juuka71 @Kastenwagen @kepardi @kerttuia @kimju @korrosiv @kumiorava @laaarrd @Lindelis @Lohis @loiste @mermer58 @Mique1 @Mokomaki @Muukis @nappitatti @Nemiak @Odekka @oh2gve @Oldart @Operalevo @Opossum101 @Osmobot @outsa83 @pacsteri @Peho72 @plunssa @pukki278 @RadiAnssi @RedFoxFinn @redgrizzle @religiosa @Rhoox @Rikuh @Samri2011 @Saq82 @scolphoy @Sicce @Slayar @Sonde18 @T4Rock @TernaryZeroDies @testomaan @TheAppearer @thepupu @TiuraZ @toevo @tofuhead @TokyoTurboBoy @toupper @TrolIghost @TunTuri @v0idi @Vadex95 @visa12 @WindsFirewood @Xitay @Xormax

CP/TL:@Duuda @vairis @Avocado69

Field agents
@AliinaD @Bandrall @leether @Maarts @maijs @maruto @MusashiSam @norchis @PirateInc @Pirkste @romantike @Tristels @vells @Zalic


Field agents
@Kurapka @Eitne @z27rgybt @kazoke @Saulius755 @9HTGFPN3 @kikimara @Narnaliai @Aiste13 @Saulius755 @KrisTaiyo @PupkinZ @rrddaa @HOBBOROTEN


Field agents
@Budynga @nordeed @Nikita8 @JKUS @Pacyf @Grzechkas @Volffc @Artvrooo @ArkadiSEA @izba @eccenux @iwox @QaDargo @jazzman0000 @dimzard @Lorenei @Nugat @kisiel

CP:@Linky78 @trotus @torpedko
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Projectleaders, planning and OP:@MallanBrallan @Fladder
CP/OP:@0Katten0 @a9ra @AtheistChaplain @AnkanHD @AtheistChaplain @Brindinella @Calimeroo @camolja @Carderoy @CatkinMoon @Conanbarberaren @cubewano @Dantertm @DrFredrik @drOsmos @Eurospiders @EvilNasty @Firefight001 @Flea2012 @Glimgi @Gnurb @handelsvara @HansomHands @harcar @hevosenliha @iCrille @IngenRuaidh @Jonascarnesten @Ketz @kristenungdom @laxermedel @LiLaYn @LordVinter @Myrmes @NaN404 @Ninjini @Olin77 @PQSwede @proxybrain @Rezolva @RolleRambo @Rotchi @Silkelock @Sluggobeever @Starpath @SweWoody @Sydeem @Systeryster @Thimbletonia @TopZter @TreKronor @trogons @Trosaalli @Vaugh @veronicathemyth @Virian @Wethyl @Wigoritus @Ylvione

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Field agents
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Farmers Market

Decoy-op BAFore

Enlightened United

Media, Sweden


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