JV Invite http://vectorsfiresale.com/vip-jv.php 
Your list loves EasySketchPro, VideoMakerFX &  Explaindio  ?

If you did well promoting EasySketchPro, VMFX or Explaindio to your list... then trust me, your subscribers are going to LOVE the Vectors Firesale (and you'll end up making wads of cash because of it).

Super Affiliates Confirmed,  Here are just some of the names that have already signed up  Todd Gross,Cindy Battye,John Merrick, Soren Jordansen,  Paul Counts, Suzanna Theresia, Brad Gosse, Kevin Fahey,Ray Lane, Cyril  Gupta, Dr Amit,  Venkata Ramana ,Naveed Peerzade, Anwesh Rath, Scott Hamlin and many more .....

Jv Page :- http://vectorsfiresale.com/vip-jv.php 

The Big DADDY is here, King of all vector characters & Animated characters launches, Never seen before, more than 3600 Professional-grade Vector characters and whiteboard graphics, ready to use in Video, Web & Print + 160 Animated characters(swf) PLUS tons of icons. Amazing JV Contest.. Sign up now!"
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