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Dinah Berch
The quirky, chocolaty, crazy world of me.
The quirky, chocolaty, crazy world of me.

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Check out this interview with Rare's Paul Butler on BirdNote!

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We think my father needs a new sport - kiteboarding! Happy Fathers Day, Dad. we love you! :)

+Saul London Happy Birthday!!! ::hugs::

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Dinah Album - wedding (97 photos)
97 Photos - View album

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ok ok, i'm falling for the hype and starting to pin.

Working on a new g+ page for Rare as a break from learning can something so useful be so confusing?!

Anyone manage a G+ page for a business? I'm trying to figure out whether people from more than one google account (profile) can admin/post to the same page....?

Ha! got the married name changed on google. what's next?

wow...i think that might be my first real earthquake. why am i less freaked out than half my office? what a week.
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