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When will humanity take the climate crisis seriously? A few years after it's too late?
“Naomi Klein wants to stick it to the man. I want to stick it to CO2.″
“Naomi Klein wants to stick it to the man. I want to stick it to CO2.″
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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This is why a movie like "Grand Prix", (which, I believe this shot is from) or "LeMans"  will probably never be made again. The sanctioning bodies, insurance, and expense all will prohibit it. However, the Go-Pro angle does raise a possibility.
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Good article.
There has been little research to explain why the diversity problem exists and how to address it. A new report, published today, attempts to do just that.
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One does very rarely meet a woman or a girl with a genuine interrest in technology. On something like open source projects there is a 100:1 ratio of male to female contributors. Which corresponds very well with my personal experiences.

A change in tech companies attitudes will not do much. Society as a whole has a big job to do if we want that to change.
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Scary is right.
Repugnance is alive and scary...
I'll post market design related news and items about repugnant markets).See also my Game theory, experimental economics, and market design page. I have a new general-interest book on market design: Who Gets What--and Why The subtitle is "The new economics of matchmaking and market design." ...
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Hm. I should give this a try. H/T +Thomas Quintana 
David King originally shared:
Google launches Data Saver Chrome extension

You can now benefit from the same data compression feature found in Chrome on iOS and Android on your computer with this new Chrome extension!

When you enable the extension, Chrome uses Google servers to compress pages that you visit before downloading them. SSL and incognito pages will not be included.
Reduces data usage by using Google servers to optimize pages you visit.
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"rats wouldn’t push a lever that delivered food if doing so caused other rats to receive an electric shock. Likewise, in 1964, Stanley Wechkin and colleagues at the Northwestern University in Chicago demonstrated that hungry rhesus monkeys refused to pull a chain that delivered them food if doing so gave a painful shock to another monkey. One monkey persisted in this refusal for 12 days."
Dogs rescue their friends and elephants care for injured kin – humans have no monopoly on moral behaviour
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Results of largest ever genetics study of a single population could also help refine dates for major events during human evolution
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Facebook announced today that its React Native library is now available on Github. The library allows you to build native iOS and Android applications with JavaScript and Facebook's ...
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Follow-up to my post yesterday, suggesting terrorism in the downing of the plane. Apparently the French prosecutor assigned to the case said that the plane was brought down deliberately.
Oh my God!!! This is so sad 😥
German co-pilot of Germanwings flight appears to have crashed plane deliberately, French prosecutor says - @CNN, live video
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what killed the people apparently is the fear of terrorism. Because this fear is the reason why those reenforced doors are built into the planes. 
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Have you been over to the new commuter lounge? Located at the corner of Berks and Warnock streets, it is equipped with WiFi, lounge seating, a kitchenette, as well as monitors displaying train schedules, so you’ll never be late for your train again!
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Now that IS funny. Perhaps only because I've been writing lecture notes all day...
A cartoon by Benjamin Schwartz. For more from this week’s issue:
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Have him in circles
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Facebook announced today that its React Native library is now available on Github. The library allows you to build native iOS and Android ap

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