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Dimitrios Diamantaras
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Tom Sargent economizes on words brilliantly.
This graduation speech teaches you everything you need to know about economics. And it does so very, very quickly.
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Because market prices aggregate traders' information, it is difficult to forecast stock prices and interest rates and exchange rates.

You mean random, or near gamble..
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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MegaAwesome Alert! The entire British Pathe archive is now available on YouTube!

#history #film 
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do they have Bugs Bunny Meets Marvin the Martian?
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Watch out! Kitty explosion ahead.
I giggled at this far harder than I probably should have.
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nah, not explode, it's just time to regenerate :-P 
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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This really needs no comment from me.
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I wonder in which part of the Bible or the Gospels there's a reference on how to spend the tax money. In Jesus times (assuming Jesus was a historic figure) taxes weren't used to help the poor. Yet, Jesus never questioned the use the Romans used to give to the taxes they collected (basically to go to war, pay soldiers and civil servants, to build public infrastructures, in summary, to sustain the Empire). The poor didn't get a dime out of those taxes beyond the walls of Rome.
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Marshmallow Sunrise

High resolution, limited, and open edition prints are available at dazzGift
 オープンエディション、限定版の高解像度 写真はdazzGiftで購入することができます
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Finding photographic gold at the end of yesterday's rainbow.
El Dorado?
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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+Matthew Gentzkow  wins the Clark medal. Very good news, Matt is a great economist. The Businessweek cover does come with a funny image though...
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Nemophila 匍匐の先生だそうです
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Associate Professor of Economics
Public economics, social choice theory, microeconomics, game theory, mathematical economics, economics of networks.
  • Temple University
    Associate Professor of Economics, present
  • Temple University
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Pennsylvania, USA
Athens, Greece - Athens, Greece; Rochester, New York, USA; Philadelphia, Penssylvania, USA
Economic theorist, lover of song and opera, web fiddler, amateur computer programmer
US naturalized citizen, originally from Greece. Economics professor, vocal music devotee, computer programming self-learner.

On Google+, according to my own actual recent practice, I like to share funny or just quirky items others post, techie items of interest, economics news with some commentary, technology items, and photos from others' posts. I have also started posting meatier updates on economics, technology, and my beloved Lyric Fest, a group that connects people through song in the greater Philadelphia area (see

While talking about my posting practice on Google+, I also would love you to follow this link to an excellent essay on how to be a good online commenter, by John Scalzi:
Bragging rights
Some of the most wonderful people in the world call me a friend; I survived 4 years in the Rochester, NY weather; I have performed several times with the Philadelphia Orchestra as a chorus member (of the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia).
  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
    Economics, 1976 - 1981
  • Athens University of Economics
    Economics, 1981 - 1983
  • University of Rochester
    Economics, 1984 - 1988
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“WHY most published research findings are false” is not, as the title of an academic paper, likely to win friends in the ivory tower. But it

A Wedding in Intensive Care

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