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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Ha! +Novita Listyani here's an enjoyable bit of wordplay for you and S to smile this morning. :)
Trolol. Enjoy your Wednesday people, I plan to sleep in (extensively) and then meandre over to My Property Empire™ where I shall mandhandle sheets and vacuum with gusto while husband wrangles drills, screwdrivers and copious amounts of spakfiller. (Did I mention we're attempting Project New Curtain Rail? #notrecommended  )
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That would be what the glue was made out of.
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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About to go to bed but I just must share one sample of the sunset photos from Kuta beach from today. Our magnificent host +Novita Listyani not only has been driving us around everywhere, she also let me use her camera and helped me with the settings to capture the sunset. More photos from this sunset to follow when I have the time.
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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One more from this morning, this one an iPhone panorama.
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Jaime Culebras offers a spectacular photograph of a gravid female Reticulated Glass Frog. The belly is completely transparent, so all the internal organs are visible. The liver, heart and digestive organs are covered by a white lining.
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wow....just wow...
oh, and cool :-) 
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Very cool!
This came out a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just getting around to re-sharing now. Cool new #NuSTAR  results from observation of SN1987A. Granted, the press image is from Chandra/Hubble, but the fact that we see it as a point source doesn't lend itself to awesome images the way that Cas A did.
NASA's NuSTAR, has found evidence that a massive star exploded in a lopsided fashion, sending ejected material flying in one direction and the core of the star in the other.
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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With Google Photos, backup & store unlimited, high-quality photos and videos. For free. #io15
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Sunrise view from our balcony this morning. 
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Hephaistos' forge / Vulcan's fire

From yesterday's sunset in Kuta beach, Bali.

A million thanks to +Novita Listyani for all her help.
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Green flashes sometime occur when the sun is setting through atmospheric layers (often caused by temperature inversions). If you see the sun outline having discontinuities at the sides (wide spots or pinches), and the air is clean and clear such as is common in tropical maritime settings, then you may see green or even blue at the upper limb of the setting sun; beautiful!
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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It is such an honor and an incredible experience to be visiting Bali and being shown around by the fantastic +Novita Listyani and Seraphine, fresh from this amazing adventure, narrated by Seraphine in this must-see video.
The Spectacular Mount Rinjani
14 year old Seraphine Lishe recounts her first time experience of climbing the second highest volcano in Indonesia. It took us four days and three night for this expedition. We enjoyed the thrills and some of the most wonderful moments of our life. Exhausted and very very tired, but the beautiful memories, as shown partly in this video, are just simply unforgettable. We are talking about another expedition, feel free to contact us if you either want to join or sponsor us :)
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Some of my photos from today's sunrise from Sanur beach. +Novita Listyani these are nothing compared to what you'd have captured, but I promised I will capture today's sunrise and so here it is. :)
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+Novita Listyani See you then! :)
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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One of my attempts to capture the full moon tonight. 
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It's a shame the shot was ruined by that Vogon scout ship in the upper right.
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Dimitrios Diamantaras

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Cutting Ties With Google Blogger
The nonsense reported in my May 23 post actually goes well beyond what I reported, to the point where I've lost patience.  (I'm sure I'll eventually blog further on it.)  So henceforth I plan to disintermediate Google, instead hosting the No Hesitations blo...
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