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Wow, Penguins vs. Sharks. Did not expect that. A double-whammy!

Grown-ups are just older children.

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Digitizing old analog tapes today...

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Inspired by Chris Le's remix ( of, I took his track, parts of the original, and made it into a whole new thing. When I showed it to Chris, he said: "Haha, you sampled my robot filter fill!" I am happy to make Chris laugh. He taught me a lot. Thank you, Sensei Chris.

Also released on Splice, so you can make your own re-re-remix:

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+Chris Le made an amazing remix of Yuri's and mine track. Check it out!

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Just finished Sevenevenes. I would like to let Vinnie Antonelli express my feelings about that book. His bicycle anecdote is just about perfect. Why did I spend days patiently digging through this mind-numbing orbital mechanics meet end of the world wordpile?

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Here's slides from a talk +Philip Jägenstedt and I just gave at BlinkOn about improving interoperability on the web.

Slides from the State of Blink talk at BlinkOn5, presented by +Sami Kyöstilä, +Rick Byers, and me!

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A remix of the Polymer Summit 2015, a conference for Web developers that happened in Amsterdam, Netherlands on September 14-15, 2015.
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