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picked up a blu-ray and can't watch it because my laptop is from America. Stupid region restrictions, they act like people don't travel! Can somebody please explain to me why they do that because I think it's the dumbest thing ever. I paid a ridiculous amount of money for my laptop, shelled out the extra cash for blu-ray over dvd, and only to be told NO when I go to watch it... dumb... should have picked up a regular dvd and saved some Euro; at least I would have been able to watch it
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There are ripping programs that can remove the restrictions... I used to do that w my dvds.
yeah dvd is no problem for me... blu-ray is a whole different beast though, way more complicated; I tried removing the restrictions but kept failing and gave up lol...
That's pretty weak... I'm sure there's a way! I will do some research on my end.
good lookin ooout... gon get yo geek on homiiieeee... lol challenge!
Didn't work for me... funny I had a copy of this program on my external hard drive and didn't even know it... What's even funnier is the screen shot he used on the link you gave me, is the exact stankin blu-ray I got lol! I'ma play with it one more time, after that I'm going to complain some more and then probably go to sleep...
I will work something out... my geekcoreness is at stake! Lol
aww snap geek to da core! lol it would probably be easier if you had a foreign blu-ray to play with... but less see whad chu gots
Yeah I'm just about done... the only volume unique key I can find is 949F21C52390427FB47A16FDF36D505C and it just doesn't work. Figured it was because the VUK was for region A and my BD is region B; but I found the same key for region B tried again still doesn't work... I refuse to pay for a region free player after all the money I already spent that is just ridiculous. I'm going to try copying without decrypting .m2ts files then removing region restrictions from there and see what happens. After that I am done done.
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