How many times during your keyword research do you actually stumble upon a profitable niche accidentally? I am sure if you have been into keyword research for some time, you will have seen that situation a couple of times.
What if I say that I stumbled upon a handful of such profitable niches every seconds time I used this tool for keyword research?
Stunning! Isn’t it?
First let me explain the steps that I took, post which I will show you the real video of this happening.
Step 1 – Identifying the Domain Name
I have an account with Godaddy Auctions and I keep scrapping these profitable and aged domains at Godaddy. While I was doing that I stumbled upon a niche domain name Since it was a .info domain name, not too many people were interested in buying it. Hence all needed to do was research a bit on the search volume for the domain name keyword. So I moved onto Step 2.
Step 2 – Checking Google Insights for Search Volumes
Then I checked how...
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