GEICO—one of the leading insurance companies—has one of the most successful marketing campaigns in U.S. history. Although it sprouted using traditional methods and techniques, the 82-year-old insurance company still manages to make waves with various consumers on the web, even those that are the hardest to break through: the 18 to 29-year-old demographic. To learn why you should adapt some of GEICO’s insurance marketing techniques and apply them to your own blog or social media campaign, continue reading below.
Animal Mascot
GEICO might have lucked out by having a name that sounds so similar to “gecko” but the British-speaking reptile mascot is definitely one of the most recognized mascots in the U.S.  There are several different reasons why the gecko is so popular, but the by far the most important reason to emblaze in your mind is the fact that he’s an animal. Research show that consumers can resonate more easily and recall businesses that have...
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